Quadra-Fire 2100 Pellet Insert Repair and Replacement Parts

Quadra-Fire 2100 Pellet Insert Repair and Replacement Parts

The Quadrafire 2100 Insert can turn your existing fireplace into an efficient and powerful heat source. Quadrafire inserts are built to last, but like all wood stove inserts they will occasionally need replacement parts. Stove Parts for Less has the parts you need to keep your Quadrafire 2100 Insert in like-new condition!

Benefits of a Quadrafire 2100 Insert

A fireplace can be a beautiful addition to your home, however an open hearth fireplace is incredibly inefficient at heating. A fireplace insert turns an inefficient fireplace into a powerful heater capable of helping you reduce your heating bill while providing the comfort and ambiance of a natural wood fire. 

To keep your wood insert in peak condition, it is important to regularly inspect it and replace any parts that are worn or warped. If worn gaskets are not replaced it can cause the stove to overfire, which can reduce the lifespan of your stove and cause you to burn through fuel more quickly than necessary. Broken firebricks can lead to structural damage to your insert. Stove Parts for Less carries these parts and more, so that you can make sure that your insert is running safely and efficiently.

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