US Stove Ashley 24/30 Wood Furnace Repair and Replacement Parts

The Ashley 24/30 Wood Coal Furnace is a dependable furnace capable of burning either wood or coal. This furnace is designed to be connected to your home's ductwork, allowing you to work in conjunction with your current heating system to save money and efficiently heat your home. The Ashley 24/30 is a highly durable furnace, however you will still need to periodically replace gaskets, and cast iron parts that may have become warped. Stove Parts for Less has the replacement parts you need at a competitive price. Our knowledgable staff is happy to help you find the parts you need, if you have any questions contact us via chat or phone!

Ashley 24/30 Wood Coal Furnace Grate Care

The cast iron shaker grate in the Ashley 24/30 is prone to warping, our "burn out" which occurs when the cast iron rapidly oxidizes. To prevent this, do not leave the feed or ash pan door open on your stove, as this can cause it to overfire. Failing to regularly empty the ash pan can cause ash to accumulate and make contact with the grate, which can cause warping or burn out. 


Choosing the Best Fuel for You Ashley 24/30

As with all wood stoves, if you choose to burn wood in your Ashley furnace you should choose hard woods that are well seasoned, preferably kiln dried. 

If you choose to burn coal, you can burn either bituminous or anthracite coal in this furnace. Each type of coal has benefits and drawbacks. 

Anthracite coal offers long burn times and even heat, along with a very clean burn. Unfortunately, anthracite coal is more expensive, more difficult to use, and often harder to find. 

Bituminous coal is easier to source, and is easy to burn, however you will need to maintain your stove more often as it will produce more soot. 

Replacement Parts for the Ashley 24/30 Wood Coal Furnace 

Regular maintenance of your Ashley 24/30 will ensure that you continue to enjoy efficient and safe burns for years to come. Stove Parts for Less carries the parts you need to keep your Ashley 24/30 Furnace running. Order online and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $99! 


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