Stove Repair Relief Fund Sign-Ups

Apply here for assistance in these tough times! Eligible applicant's will receive up to 50% OFF in assistance on orders places through Stove Parts for Less! Funders of the program want to ensure that the funds are used to help people who really need it.  Please don’t apply if you can afford not to and let others benefit from the discount. More information here.

  • Offer is only good for wood or pellet stove parts orders up to $500
  • Parts can only be shipped to address listed on documents provided to show eligibility. 
  • All discounted parts are available through
  • Low-Income: Document showing your eligibility for any low-income program, such as heating assistance (LIHEAP), Food stamps (SNAP), Medicaid, or a tax return showing income is less than 200% of federal poverty levels.
  • Employment: Document showing you were recently laid off, i.e. pink slip from employer or approval for unemployment.
  • Documentation in one category will award a 15% discount courtesy of the Alliance for Green Heat. In addition Stove Parts 4 Less will match that 15% to make it a total discount of 30% off.
  • Documentation in both categories will award you a 25% discount courtesy of the Alliance for Green HeatStove Parts 4 Less will again match it 1:1 for a total discount of 50% off on your needed parts!
  • Regular return policies apply.
  • Do not send us social security numbers or any banking information.

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