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Stove Technician Locator Standards and Guidelines

Stove Technician Locator Standards and Guidelines

The following requirements must be met and upheld by the technician in order to enrol and continue to participate in our Stove Technician Locator Program.

  1. You must operate a legal business. We may ask for documentation to confirm this requirement if needed.
  2. We are only interested in partnering with reputable businesses. We may ask customers who use your code or service for a review. We reserve the right to use these reviews within the Stove Technician Locator Program.
  3. You must possess all required licenses to operate within your area. This includes, but is not limited to all Federal, State, and Local regulations pertaining to your service and region. We may ask for documentation to confirm this requirement.
  4. You must have an account with in order to receive discounts and affiliate earnings. Don’t have one? It’s easy to sign up!
  5. You must own a website, and host your affiliate link on your website’s homepage. You may also use the affiliate link on other pages of your website, but it must be present on the homepage. This must be done using our pre-approved snippet provided during the onboarding process. The image and snippet must not be altered or distorted in any way.

If you are a business owner/technician who would like to join our Affiliate Stove Technician program and you have met all the above requirements please submit an enrollment request. If you feel your business/practice is an exception to the standards and guidelines above, please contact us to discuss eligibility.

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