Enviro 115V/220v Dial A Fire with Phase Control EF4, EF5, 20-074

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Genuine Enviro replacement dial-a-fire for Enviro EF4 & EF5 analog controlled pellet stoves. The analog versions of the EF4 and EF5 will have two knobs or dials on the control area with a green light and a rocker switch. Enviro also made the Solus and Evolution models which were digitally controlled versions of the EF4 and EF5 and did not use this analog timer control.

This dial-a-fire control replaces older versions of the part that had ONLY yellow and gray wires. The gray wires go to the phase control box which adjusts the RPM of the combustion/ exhaust blower relative to the desired heat output. The yellow wires go to the auger timer block which increases or decreases the 'OFF' feed cycle time according to the desired heat level.

In the United States, the red and orange wires are NOT used with 120v power. If you live in a place where 220v power is used for the stove, the red and the orange wires would connect to the respective inputs on the timer boxes, see your specific manual.

This Dial-a-Fire is a potentiometer that serves two purposes. It adjusts the heat output by increasing or decreasing the 'OFF' time of the auger feed timer, EF-036 (yellow wires), EF1, EF2, and EF3 models use part number EF-044, Dial-a-Fire without phase control (no gray wires).

Replacement For Part Number s :
  • 20-074
  • 20-043

Compatible Models


  • EF4
  • EF5

Technical Specs

Voltage 115V/ 220v
OK Low Resistance 800 KΩ to 900 KΩ
OK High Resistance 150 KΩ to 185 KΩ
Acceptable Range 150 KΩ to 900 KΩ (± 10%)
Full CCW Rotation Open Circuit


Assembly Instructions For Enviro 115V/220v Dial A Fire with Phase Control EF4, EF5, 20-074