Harman 3 1/2" Sprocket Hub, For the XXV, Accentra & Advance, 1-10-08550W

SKU 1-10-08550W


Harman 3 1/2" Free Standing Sprocket Hub

This is part of the old style chain and sprocket feed system for the Harman Pellet stoves listed below

Fits the XXV, Accentra Free Standing & Advance, 1-10-08550W. We carry a huge selection of brand name stove parts.

Note: When Harman first distributed their stoves with the chain/sprocket feed system, they had one 2-1/2" sprocket and one 3-1/2" sprocket. The chain used for that version is shorter than the next version. The 2-1/2" sprocket is now a 3-1/2" and the chain is longer. If you have a Harman pellet stove with a 2-1/2" sprocket that needs to be replaced, you will need to use the 3-1/2" version and replace the chain to the longer one.

Helpful Tips

This part mounts to the auger feed motor. Early versions of this sprocket use to be smaller in diameter (reduction gear). If you are replacing a hub sprocket that is smaller than 3 1/2", you need to install the updated 1:1 sprocket kit. Small hub sprocket setups will not accommodate the newer 3 1/2" sprocket.


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