Harman Control Board For Pre Auto-Ignition (before 2003) Stoves 1-00-06142

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Circuit board for non-ignition P61, Invincible RS, Invincible FS, Invincible Insert, retrofit P38 and Mag Stoker Coal stove models. Uses a black ESP probe.

P38 retrofit: This is the control board used to replace older style 2 knob controllers on the P38 pellet stoves. This upgrade is available for serial #008190059 and greater and is sold as a kit here. Use this part you need to replace an existing retrofitted controller only. If you are doing a complete P38 retrofit, use this part to get all of the required parts.

If this is being installed in the Invincible RS Pellet stove you will not need to connect the auger timing microswitch to this board. The new board is already programmed to control the function the microswitch was used for. 

This controller is NOT compatible with the Invincible T or the Pellet PRO II. Those circuit boards have been discontinued from Harman and there is no upgrade available.

Product #: 1-00-06142


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