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pelpro pellet stove

PelPro Pellet Stoves - A Low Budget Brand thats Big on Value

PelPro Pellet Stoves have been a favorite of consumers for over twenty years. If you are looking for a pellet stove that will heat your house while keeping your wallet intact look no further. Since their remaking of the brand in 2012, PelPro has come on as a very reliable and affordable option in the budget pellet stove brands. In fact, PelPro is the ONLY brand out there with an all cast pellet stove under $2K.

pelpro ppc90 free standing pellet stove

The PPC90 or the Tractor Supply branded version TSC90 is among my favorite pellet stoves ever made. This stove boasts an impressive 90 lb. hopper and is a cast iron stove with stunning looks that’s completely automatic thanks to it’s built-in thermostat. If you prefer to use your own thermostat…say something like a Wi-Fi compatible one…no problem, the stove allows for it…but ONLY on these two cast models. All other stoves in the PelPro line up use a rotary function knob.

Here are the basics of what you need to know about PelPro stoves. The number in the model relates to the hopper size. PP60 has a 60 lb. hopper, the PP130 has a 130 lb. hopper. Each stove has three modes of operation: Room sensing, low heat, and high heat. In the room sensing mode, the stove will turn itself on and off as heating demand is met or called for. If the stove is set on low mode or high mode, the stove will burn constantly until the hopper runs out of pellets.

PelPro stove run very well and are super reliable. You couldn’t ask for a more simple controller…I mean it’s one knob, that’s it and the status light gives you some error reporting.

Here is a basic list of stove operations:

  • To prime the feed system, from the ‘OFF’ position on the control knob, turn the knob all the way to ‘HIGH’ then ‘LOW’ and then back to ‘HIGH again. The combustion blower will come on, this closes the pressure switch, after 30 seconds the auger will feed for approx. 2 minutes which is just enough time for the pellets to climb the fed tube and start dropping into the burn pot.
  • To turn the stove ‘ON’, simply turn the control knob to anywhere above ‘OFF’ on the controller.
  • If you want the stove to run on ‘LOW’ keep the knob on the low setting.
  • If you want the stove to run on ‘HIGH” keep the stove on the ‘HIGH’ setting.
  • Between ‘LOW’ and ‘HIGH’ is a span of room temperature (not shown to the user) of 50°F at the bottom of the dial and 89°F at the top of the dial. Everything between these two set points is based on your comfort. If the room is too hot, turn down the dial, if the room is too cold, turn up the dial. The stove will turn ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ or oscillate and basically keep the room within 1°F of the desired set point…even though you don’t know exactly what that set point is…unless you have the PPC90 or the TSC90. That controller shows you the temperature.

Status Indication lights:

Green or Amber - Status

  • Green & Amber - Normal Operation
  • Green Steady On - Feed system is priming
  • Green, 1 Blink - Stove is off and ready
  • Green Continuous Blinking - Stove is in the startup/ ignition sequence
  • Green Varies Blinks - Varies depending on burn rate
  • Amber Steady On - Stove is set and running at either the minimum or maximum power levels
  • Amber Continuous Blinking - Stove is in the shutdown sequence. *Early models may have a green continuous blinking light during the shutdown sequence

Red - Operational Issue - Refer to the troubleshooting

> Red, 1 Blink - Empty hopper, refer to the troubleshooting guide in your manual
> Red, 2 Blinks - Exhaust probe alarm, check connections or refer to the troubleshooting guide in your manual
> Red, 3 Blinks - Ambient probe alarm, check connections or refer to the troubleshooting guide in your manual
> Red, 4 Blinks - Missed ignition, refer to the troubleshooting guide in your manual
> Red, 8 Blinks - Exhaust gas over temperature, refer to the troubleshooting guide in your manual

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