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What are my payment options?

Do I have to pay sales tax?

I don't see the option to pay with a credit card.

I have a question about my charges

When will my credit card be charged?

Where can I get a copy of the receipt / invoice?

How do I use a coupon?


Do you ship to Canada?

What countries do you ship to?

How do I qualify for free shipping?

What are your shipping charges?

Where can I view tracking information about my order?

Edit/Cancel Orders

How do I edit an order?

How do I cancel an order?


My order never arrived.

An item is missing from my shipment.

When will my back-order arrive?


Account Creation

How do I create an account?

Why would I want to create an account?

What will you do with my information?

Social Media Logins

Account Management

How can I view or edit my orders?

How can I reset my password? I've lost/forgot it!

Account Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Returns & Refunds


How do I return an item I purchased?

My purchase was over 30 days ago, can I still return it?

Who pays for the return shipping?


How will I be refunded?

When will I receive my refund?



What are your hours of availability?

How can I contact you?