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Wood & Pellet Stove Parts For Less Has Some Exciting News!

Wood & Pellet Stove Parts For Less Has Some Exciting News!

Here at Wood & Pellet Stove Parts For Less, we are excited to announce a lot of great new features to our business and our website. Besides shipping over 500 orders a day, our developers have been working wonders behind the scenes. Over the next few months, you will see lots of new features including our interactive owner's manuals and parts diagrams. Simply hover over the diagram and the replacement part will pop up with the necessary information and a quick add to cart button. We are also in the process of enhancing our product images to include a 360-degree spin feature to be able to see all aspects of an item to make sure you get the exact part you are looking for. Take a spin here and see for yourself. Another great feature to better serve you is our resources page. Here you will find a lot of helpful things regarding your stove and manufacturer such as this Harman page where you will find troubleshooting tips, helpful videos, owners manuals and much more. We have also simplified our No Hassle Return Policy with this easy returns form. No longer do we have restocking fees. Just return your unused items in 30 days and receive a refund. It’s that simple. The programmers and developers also built a comprehensive customer relationship management program (CRM) to allow our customer service agents to better serve you. With our new state of the art warehouse facility we just built we have now doubled our capacity to 15,000 square feet of warehouse space. (See Photos)

We have also been hard at work on sourcing lots of new hard to find replacement parts to add to our growing catalog of over 5000 OEM parts and 1000 aftermarket parts. Not only do we guarantee the lowest prices but you can save over 70% more on some of these aftermarket alternatives and a lot of times they are made in the same exact factories like our Fasco blower motors for example.  Another thing we are working on for 2019 is offering a lot more items that are Made In The USA. You will see these items throughout the website from manufacturers such as Gleason Avery motors, Lynn Manufacturing who make baffle boards and blankets and Endura precision switches just to name a few. For those of you that do not know or are not familiar with Wood Pellet Grills and smokers, we have doubled our catalog and have great plans to expand this business. This will have to wait until it gets a little warmer outside, or a lot warmer, as it would have to warm up 50 degrees today just to be above freezing for some of you. Pellet grills are the hottest thing in the food services industry right now, no pun intended, and Traeger grills, the leader in the industry is excited to announce a whole new lineup for 2019.

We would also like to announce the hiring of Scott Williamson to our team. Some of you may already know Scott as he has been a cornerstone to the Pellet Stove Industry for over 15 years and has worked the forefront trying to spread the word and educate everyone including various government agencies and the green heat alliance. Over the years many of our blog posts have been written by Scott. He has also had his own service and installation company, Pellet Stove Service, in southern New England where he has serviced thousands of customers and has worked on every pellet stove model imaginable from Austroflam to Whitfield. Scott will be adding valuable content to our website sharing his insights, knowledge, and experience. You will see this in another new feature we added to the product overview section called “Helpful Tips”. He will also be replying to the Q & A section of our website that you see on each product listing so if you have a question please do not hesitate in reaching out to us.

Another feature that is in the works for 2019 is our service tech locator feature. We know sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming or you simply can not find the time to repair your stove. We are trying to develop a network of good, reliable and trusted service techs to repair your stove. Simply put in your zip code and a list of service techs in your area will appear with reviews from you our customers. If you are a service tech or know of one you would like to recommend please reach out to us here.

Lastly, as part of these new features, we will be adding lots of informative articles over the next few months and sharing these through email and social media. Not all of the articles will pertain to you but each one will include a coupon code that can be used on anything on the website. All we ask is that if you want to receive ten, fifteen sometimes even 20% off then open the article read a little and get that code! These codes will keep changing and sometimes expire but rest assured a new one is coming so be sure to stay tuned and read them all as needed. Thank you for helping us become the most trusted source for all of your stove, fireplace and grilling needs.


Robert Hanflig

Owner & President of Stove Parts For Less


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