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Ash Vacuums

Ash Vacuums for Pellet & Wood Burning Stoves

While you might be thinking 'what can a little ash do' while reaching for your household or garage vacuum, you more than likely will be ending its life-cycle or starting a descent into the big pit of burnt motors. A regular household vacuum is not designed to handle any form of warm or hot ashes. For starters, it will melt the rubber/plastics in the hose and dirt bin construction and could even start a fire within your vacuum.

The quickest way to kill your home's vacuum is to use it to clean ash or Sheetrock dust. Those minute particles will head straight to the motor and damage the inner workings of your vacuum. Regular vacuum filters, even HEPA-style bags cannot fully contain that ultrafine dust, nor are they made to.

If you want your household vacuum to last for many more cleanings, keep it for what it was designed for - cleaning the home and your shop vacuum for shop and DIY projects. Though you can buy fine dust filters for shop-style vacuum, when it comes to ash dust, they are not effective. And this style of vacuum is not made for heat either.

Protect your stove and your home by investing in an ash vacuum today!

An ash vacuum makes cleaning your wood or pellet stove a breeze. Regularly cleaning out the ash buildup in your stove can substantially reduce wear and tear on the stove and also improve efficiency. Stove Parts for Less carries the top brands of ash vacuums to keep your stove clean and running smoothly!