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Powersmith Ash Vacuum Replacement Parts

Designed to handle both warm and cool ash while catching even the smallest particles, the Powersmith ash vacuum is exactly what you need to keep your wood or pellet stove clean this heating season. Stove Parts for Less carries hoses, filters, and various attachments for Powersmith Ash vacuums at competitive pricing. Place your order today and receive free same day shipping on most orders over $199!

Replacement Parts for Powersmith Ash Vacuums

Powersmith ash vacuums are an important piece of equipment for anyone with a pellet or wood stove. Ash buildup can decrease the efficiency of your stove, and over time can contribute to wear and warping of certain parts. Ash vacuums are specially designed to handle warm ash and to clean out even the smallest ash particles, all with careful filtration to keep their motor from burning out.

Stove Parts for Less carries filters, hoses, attachments, and other replacement parts for all Powersmith ash vacuums. We also offer free shipping on all orders over $99, and a convenient 30-day return policy!