Blaze King Wood Stove By-Pass & Door Gasket (7' X 5/8"): 155.0255

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This gasket is a full replacement for both the bypass door (3Ft) and main door (4Ft). This gasket allows the internal bypass damper door to seal tightly when the handle is locked in the closed position.  When closed excess smoke and flu gas will be routed through the stove's catalytic combustor and burned maximizing the stoves efficiency.

Replacement For Part Numbers:
  • 155.0255
  • 155.0186

Compatible Models

    Blaze King

  • APEX
  • Ashford 20.1
  • Ashford AF20.2
  • Ashford AF25
  • Ashford AF30
  • Ashford AF30.1
  • Ashford AF30.2
  • Boxer 24.1
  • Boxer BX24
  • Briarwood BRII/90
  • Briarwood BRII/90I
  • Chinook 20
  • Chinook 20.1
  • Chinook 30
  • Chinook 20.2
  • Chinook CK24C
  • Chinook CK24F
  • Chinook CK30.1
  • Chinook CK30.2
  • Chinook CK30C
  • Chinook CK30F
  • King Catalytic KE-1107 (Ver 1.14)
  • King KE40
  • King KEJ 1102
  • King KT1102
  • Princess 35 PE35
  • Princess Insert PI 1010
  • Princess 1010A (Ver 1.12)
  • Princess PE1006
  • Princess PE32
  • Princess PEI1200
  • Princess PEJ 1003
  • Princess PEJ 1006
  • Princess PI29 Insert
  • Princess PT1003
  • Royal Guardian
  • Sirocco 20
  • Sirocco 20.1
  • Sirocco SC20.2
  • Sirocco SC25
  • Sirocco SC30
  • Sirocco SC30.1
  • Sirocco SC30.2

Technical Specs

Length 7 ft
Width 5/8 in


Assembly Instructions For Blaze King Wood Stove By-Pass & Door Gasket (7' X 5/8"): 155.0255


1.) Check to confirm you have the necessary items needed for replacement. THERMOSEAL® 1000SF high-temperature resistant cement, 5/8” gasket, masking tape, and combustor gasket.

2.) Be sure the fire is out, and the stove has cooled down.

3.) Remove the liner or stove pipe from the top of the unit (You will need to have the ability to see straight down into the stove box through the collar).

4.) Please follow the steps in: “CATALYTIC COMBUSTOR, REPLACEMENT” for info on how to remove your combustor. Located in your manual.

5.) Remove the bypass door (This can be done by moving the bypass rod out of the way using the bypass handle on the side of the stove. Looking down through the collar, lift one end of the bypass door for clearance to turn inside the top assembly. Once the bypass plate is in this position, remove the plate through the combustor opening).

6.) Remove the old gasket and apply the THERMOSEAL cement along the door opening edge.

7.) Place the gasket along the cement and tap it in to seat it securely in the channel.

8.) Reverse the method of removing the bypass door to put it back in place.

9.) Prior to reconnecting the liner, you will need to adjust the bypass ramp bolt (You must first loosen the retaining nut located under the head of the adjustment bolt. Then using a 7/16” box wrench, tighten the bolt until the bypass handle, when closed, has a slight cam-over feel. Do not over-tighten).

10.) Secure bolt adjustment by tightening the 7/16” nut against the ramp.

11.) Work the bypass handle several times to make certain the bypass operation is smooth and working properly. When you are satisfied with the operation of the bypass, lower the venting (Important: Apply high temp anti-seize lubricant to the underside of the bypass ramp where the rod contacts).

12.) Follow steps 5-8 in “CATALYST MONITORING” to return the combustor into place (Please note that if the gasket of the combustor is damaged, it will have to be replaced). 

Click here to view Blaze King's: "Bypass Door Gasket Replacement".


Helpful Tips:

It is critical that the bypass damper door seals properly. An improper seal at the bypass door will allow unburned smoke and flu gases to exit the stove without being burned. This will result in increased creosote formation in the venting system and a decrease in the stove's efficiency. If you suspect this gasket is worn it should be replaced.


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