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Condenser Motors Condenser Motors

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What is a Condenser Motor?

Systems that move heat around, such as a gas heating system in your home, use a device called a condenser to convert gas into a liquid form. By cooling the gas until it forms into a liquid, the condenser of a heating unit routes heat into the home. The condenser motor powers a fan in the condenser and keeps your heater running. A quality condenser motor will extend the life of your HVAC system. We sell an assortment of low-cost condenser motors to get your HVAC systems up and running again!

Signs Your Condenser Motor Needs to Be Replaced

Most people notice they need a new condenser motor when the heating or cooling system stops running. However, there are other signs to check. Because the condenser motor runs continuously when your HVAC unit is in use, over time it will inevitably show signs of wear. Look out for buzzing or humming sounds, fans that stop and start intermittently, and fans that will not power on, but spin easily with your hand. These are all signs that there may be a problem with your condenser motor.

Need a Repair? Don’t Despair

We have trained support staff waiting to assist you via phone or email. Contact us today and we will find the exact parts you need fast and at the best price.