Heatilator Eco Choice Caliber Peninsula Series Gas Fireplace Repair and Replacement Parts

The Heatilator Peninsula series offers a unique design that allows this gas fireplace to act as a stylish and functional room divider. Offering 38,000 BTUs, this gas fireplace is perfect for medium sized spaces. Stove Parts for Less offers replacement ignitors, valves, control modules, and more for the Heatilator Peninsula, and for a variety of other Heatilator gas fireplaces.

  • $79.99
    Dexen Electronic Ignition Control Module, 593-592 - Stove Parts 4 Less

    Dexen Electronic Ignition Control Module, 593-592

    SKU: 593-592

    This is a Dexen ignition system control module for many different fireplaces. Mainly used on Heat-N-Glo, Heatilator, QuadraFire and Harman direct v...

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  • $149.99
    NG Variable Gas Valve, 750-500 - Stove Parts 4 Less

    Dexen IPI Valve (NG), 750-500

    SKU: 750-500

    Replacement Dexen IPI Natural Gas valve for use in Heat-n-Glo, Heatilator, and Quadrafire fireplaces. Natural gas 30% turndown (1.7"-3.5"). Replace...

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  • $219.99
    Quadrafire HHT Gas Fireplace SIT Valve - NG, 230-0710 - Stove Parts 4 Less

    Quadra-Fire HHT Gas Fireplace SIT Valve (NG), 230-0710

    SKU: 230-0710

    Replacement SIT natural gas (NG) valve for Quadra-Fire, Heat N Glo, and Heatilator gas stoves and fireplaces. Check your manual for the part number.  

  • $14.99
    291-513 (HEA)
    Quadrafire, Heat N Glo & Heatilator Piezo Ignitor - Black Knob, 291-513 - Stove Parts 4 Less

    Heatilator Piezo Ignitor With Black Knob, 291-513

    SKU: 291-513 (HEA)

    Replacement piezo igniter with black push knob for Heatilator gas stoves, gas log sets, fireplaces and inserts. Fits most models.

  • $9.99
    050-721 (HEA)
    Heatilator Gas Fireplace Mineral Wool, 050-721

    Heatilator Gas Fireplace Mineral Wool, 050-721

    SKU: 050-721 (HEA)

    Replacement mineral wool / glowing embers for Heatilator gas stoves, fireplaces and inserts. Fits Heir, Aztec, Bravo, Titan, and more. Used for bot...

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  • $49.99
    2103-512 (HEA)
    Quadrafire, Heat & Glo and Heatilator Thermopile, 2103-512 - Stove Parts 4 Less

    Heatilator Gas Stove Thermopile, 2103-512

    SKU: 2103-512 (HEA)

    Replacement PSE thermopile for Heatilator gas stoves, log sets and fireplaces, fits many models.

Replacement Parts for Heatilator Caliber Peninsula

The Caliber Peninsula gas fireplace by Heatilator is a powerful and stylish fireplace with a large viewing area. Featuring Heatilator's Intellifire system, the Peninsula can be controlled using an easy-to-use touch screen remote or wall switch. 

The Caliber Peninsula can operate using either natural gas or propane, and Stove Parts for Less carries replacement parts for both NG and LP applications. Whether you need an ignitor, thermopile, valve, or other replacement part, Stove Parts for Less with get it to you quickly with our free same day shipping on all orders over $99! 

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