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All Osburn Pellet Stove Replacement Parts All Osburn Pellet Stove Replacement Parts
(Control Boards)

Control boards are the brain of the pellet stove. Nearly all control boards made in the past 15 years are digital processors. Running simple programs together with switches and controllers which can very accurately monitor what's going on at any given stage or combustion and provide error reporting, however; like most low voltage digital processors, they are prone to damage through power surges. Unplug the unit when you're not using it and always use a surge protector or power conditioner between the outlet and the appliance to protect your investment.

Replacement Parts for Osburn Pellet Stoves

Osburn pellet stoves are made in a variety of styles to fit every home, and all models are reliable, durable, and efficient. Osburn pellet stoves feature low emissions and cutting edge technology, such as touch screen control panels.

Many Osburn pellet stoves also feature bottom feed technology, which moves pellets into the burn pot via a horizontal auger system. As this happens, ash is pushed out and into the ash pan. This system allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, as opposed to top-feed systems which can cause ash to build up in the firebox grate.

Osburn pellet stoves offer comfortable and cost effective heat, and the key to keeping them running at peak efficiency is regular maintenance and replacement of worn or broken parts. Whether you need a new gasket, motor, auger or igniter, Stove Parts for Less offers original manufacturer replacement parts as well as high-quality after market parts to save you money!