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Harman Wood Stove Resources

Contact Harman

You can reach Harman Stove Company by:
Phone: 1 (800) 664-3119
Online: Click here or visit

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Find your stove model / serial #

To identify your specific wood, gas or pellet model, locate the rating plate, on which you will find the serial and model number. Rating plates are located in different places depending on your model type:

Pellet Stoves: Look for your model identification information either inside the hopper, outside the hopper, or behind the access panel or side curtain.

Wood & Gas Stoves: Rating plates can be found on the back of your stove model, inside the lower access cover, or in the pedestal base.

Wood & Gas Inserts>: You will find your rating plate either under the ash lip or on the side of the firebox, inside the control compartment.

Wood & Gas Fireplaces: Identification information can be found in the control compartment either on the firebox side column, or beneath the smoke shield.

Electric Fireplaces: Rating plates can be found on the ceiling of the firebox.

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Warranty Information

Be sure to register your product with HHT by visiting

The most up to date Harman Stoves warranty information can always be found here or visit

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