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Initial Firing Instructions for all Pellet Grills

1) Open the Door and remove the Porcelain Grills, Grease Drain Pan and Heat Baffle from inside the Grill.

2) Make sure the Switch is in the OFF (o) position. Plug the Power Cord into an appropriate, grounded electrical outlet.

3) Open the Pellet Hopper Lid and locate the Auger. Make sure there are no foreign objects in the Auger. Turn the Switch ON (--) and the Temperature/dial to smoke look into the Pellet Hopper to confirm the Auger is turning. At the same time, place your fingers over the Firepot and feel the air movement from the Draft Inducer Fan. Look to see if the Hot Rod is getting hot (it will start to turn red). CAUTION! Do not touch it. Turn the Temperature/dial to SHUT DOWN CYCLE.

4) Fill the Pellet Hopper with TRAEGER BBQ PELLETS. WARNING! Use only TRAEGER BRAND BBQ PELLETS, which are specifically made to work in our Grills. Never use heating fuel pellets in the Grill. Turn the Temperature/Dial to HIGH. Note: During the initial charging of the Auger, it will take time for the Pellets to travel from the Pellet Hopper to the Firepot. When the Pellets begin to fall into the Firepot, turn the Temperature/Dial to Shut Down Cycle.

5) Set the Temperature/Dial to SMOKE. Let the Pellets come to full flame. Once you see flames come out of the Firepot, turn the Temperature/Dial to SHUT DOWN CYCLE, and let the Grill cool down.

Recommendation: For ease of clean-up, line the Grease Drain Pan with heavy-duty aluminum foil or Drip Tray Liners. Be sure the edges and ends of the foil are tight against the bottom of the Grease Drain Pan. Position the Heat Baffle, The foil lined Grease Drain Pan and Porcelain Grills in their proper locations.

6) With the Door open set the Temperature/Dial to SMOKE. In approximately 2 minutes you will notice whitish-gray smoke coming out of the Grill as the Pellets ignite. After assuring the Pellets have ignited, close the Door and set the Temperature/Dial to any cooking setting desired.

7) Note: Before cooking the first batch of food in your new Grill, you will need to season the Grill. Turn the Temperature/Dial to HIGH and run for 45 minutes at this setting with the Door closed. This must be done before cooking any food on the Grill.

8) The Grill should be allowed to preheat for approximately 10 minutes with the Door closed before placing food in the grill.

Once the Pellets are ignited, close the Door and set the Temperature Dial to any cooking temperature desired.

NOTE: When operating this Grill, maintain a minimum clearance of 12 inches from Grill to combustibles