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Manual Lighting Procedures for Pellet Grills


If the Hot Rod only is not operating, the Grill can still be used to cook and smoke using the MANUAL LIGHTING PROCEDURE below:

1) DANGER! Turn the Switch OFF (o) and disconnect the Power Cord. Allow the Grill to thoroughly cool if it is still hot. From beneath the Pellet Hopper, disconnect the Hot Rod (Purple / White wire pair as shown in the wiring diagram near the end of this manual). You will need to remove the Hopper Bottom Panel to access the wiring. Once the Hot Rod is disconnected, replace the Hopper Bottom Panel and plug the Power Cord back into an appropriate, grounded electrical outlet.

2) Open the Pellet Hopper and fill with TRAEGER BBQ PELLETS. WARNING! USE ONLY TRAEGER BRAND BBQ WOOD PELLETS, which are specifically made to work in our Grills. NEVER use heating fuel pellets in the Grill due to potential hazardous contaminants and additives that may be present.

3) Remove the Porcelain Grills, Grease Drain Pan and Heat Baffle to expose the Firepot In the bottom of the Grill.

4) Pour 1/2 cup of TRAEGER BBQ PELLETS into the Firepot.

5) Squirt 2 tablespoons of Alcohol Gel fire lighter into the Firepot on top of the Pellets. DANGER! Never use gasoline, gasoline-type lantern fuel, kerosene, charcoal lighter fluid or similar liquids to start or “freshen up” a fire in this Grill. Keep all such liquids well away from the Grill when in use.

6) Carefully light the Alcohol Gel with a fireplace match or a long-reach butane lighter. DANGER! Never squirt Alcohol Gel into a burning fire or a hot Firepot. The Alcohol Gel bottle could explode and cause a fire, serious injury or death.

7) Let the Alcohol Gel and Pellets burn for approximately 4 minutes.

8) After assuring the Pellets have ignited, install the Heat Baffle, Grease Drain Pan and Porcelain Grills back in place. CAUTION! You will now have a fire in the Firepot. Be careful not to burn yourself when you install these components. Gloves are recommended.

9) Turn the Switch ON (--) and the Temperature/Dial to any setting desired. With the Door closed, let the Grill pre-heat for approximately 10 minutes before placing food in the Grill.