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Pellet Stove Pipe Outside Air

What Is An Outside Air Kit?

An Outside Air Kit is also sometimes called a Fresh Air Intake device. The Outside air kits help bring in fresh air and prevent backdraft from negative pressure. The fresh air helps fuel your pellet stove.

Do You Carry My Size Pellet Stove Pipe?

We have several common sizes and top brands to choose from such as: Aluminum Pellet Stove Flex Pipe, Outside Air Kits, Vertical Chimney Caps and top brands such as Englander, Harman and more.

Can I Get Help With My Pellet Stove Pipe Order?

If you ever need help selecting the best pellet stove pipe outside air vent for your particular stove model contact us. We have support staff standing by to help you with your oder and we can help you find the exact pellet stove pipe for your stove. Or we can help you with your entire order.