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St. Croix Resources & Help

Do you own a St. Croix pellet stove and need some technical assistance, maintenance tips, or FAQ's? We have an extensive list of information that can be found on our Stove Parts for Less resources page. You will also find contact information for the St. Croix manufacturer, warranty information for your pellet stove, register your St. Croix stove for warranty and find an informative blog about common problems and fixes with St. Croix pellet stoves.

Helpful Blogs

Fixes For Common Problems With St Croix Pellet Stoves

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Contact St. Croix

You can reach St. Croix Customer Service by:
Mail: St. Croix Genuine Stoves
520 E Avenue NW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52405
Email: support@stcroixstoves.com
Online: Click here or visit http://stcroixstoves.com/pellet-stoves/product-service-request.htm

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