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Pellet Stove Gaskets

6 Questions Every Stove Owner Should Be Able To Answer About Gaskets!

What are stove gaskets?

Gaskets are essential parts used in wood and pellet stoves to create a seal between materials, components and to seal openings. They also provide a flexible surface between expansion areas; such as around the glass, can dampen vibrations between surfaces and provide heat protection when used as an insulating material.  While many pellet stoves share the same type of gasket material to perform the same function, it’s important to note that every pellet stove manufacturer will use gasketing material that is model specific.

Gaskets also wear out. They are considered a consumable part and should be replaced whenever they show signs of disrepair. A good rule of thumb we follow is this; if you have to remove screws nuts or bolt to get at the gasket, it should be replaced rather than reused each time the gasket is exposed. This would include gaskets for combustion blowers, ash clean out areas, manifolds; housings burn pots, etc.; though not all gaskets follow this rule. Check with us before you order if you aren’t quite sure but remember this, gaskets are cheap and if you already have the surface exposed…replace it.


How is a gasket attached?

Rope gasket material for doors requires gasket cement or RTV silicone to properly attach the gasket into its channel on the stove. Flat gasketing tape that is used around glass or on flat surfaces usually has its own adhesive. Most other gaskets with be sandwiched between metal surfaces and fastened tight using fasteners such as screws, nuts and bolts.


My gasket is loose or unattached in one space, can I try to fix it in just one are that it came apart in?

If rope gasket comes loose, often it can be secured with RTV silicone. Inspect the gasket too, if it’s falling apart, split or missing then the entire gasket should be replaced.


Can I make my own gasket out of fiberglass or fire retardant rope?

We do not suggest that owners make their own gasketing material but there are often aftermarket equivalents to OEM gaskets that cost less money and are often exactly the same. Gaskets need to hold up under extreme heat and pressure and homemade attempts often use materials that cannot withstand the heat and abuse proper gasketing material is designed for.


How often do gaskets usually need to be replaced?

Rope gaskets for doors usually need to be replaced every 2-3 years and glass tape gaskets will normally wear out in 5 years. Combustion blower and burn pot gaskets and other gaskets made from ceramic fiber sheets should be replaced each time they are exposed, especially if they fall apart or stick to surfaces when exposed.


Is there a wrong side and right side of a gasket?

In most cases no, either side can face in or out, except for gaskets that are self-adhesive; the sticky side goes down!

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Lenny Simmons - January 6, 2020

What can I use to remove rope gasket cement from the glass on my pellet stove door. This cement has baked on and won’t scrape or wipe off with cleaner.

Thank you for your time

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