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Father's day gift ideas from traeger grill

Top 10 Father's Day Gifts For The Dad Who Loves Grilling

Here’s a list of my favorite unique grilling accessories that are guaranteed to put a smile on that special guy in your family. I've also put together a video on these items and how they can improve dads grilling experience. You can watch it  by clicking here!

  1. Magnetic Cutting Board - Tired of chasing your cutting board as it slips off your grill shelf? I was too, until I got this magnetic bamboo cutting board. Place it down and it stays put. Best of all, store it under the shelf to keep it out of the’s got magnets after all!

  2. Chicken Throne - Have you ever heard of Beer Can Chicken? It’s unreal. Basically, you roast a whole chicken in the grill by propping it up on a full beer can. As the chicken cooks, the beer evaporates into the meat of the chicken from the inside. I know what you're cans aren’t really food safe and aluminum doesn't taste so great...problem solved! Introducing the Chicken Throne, a ceramic, non-toxic and dishwasher safe alternative. If you're looking to cook an herb based chicken you can use white wine as a substitute for the beer...delicious! You're going to love this thing so much you’ll want a second. Beer can chicken for the whole backyard party!

  3. All-in-One Grillin’ Tool by Traeger - This thing is awesome, I have one and it's the BEST! Space Issues be gone, instead of hanging all my tools and fighting for space… I now hang just this one multi tool. It’s also a great conversation starter. 

  4. Cast Iron Griddle- Ever wanted to fry an egg on the grill? Or smoke a full breakfast? Now you can! All kinds of foods I had trouble cooking become a grilling reality with this cast iron grill skillet. Best of all, it has a grease hole to allow easy drainage to your grills grease tray.

  5. Plant Based Grill Cleaner - It’s non-toxic, food safe, biodegradable, and works like a charm! 

  6. Smoke Shelf - Double the real estate in your grill by installing a smoke shelf to elevate your food. Smoking takes long enough as it is...why not do as much food as possible?

  7. Leg, Wing and Rib Racks - Some foods cook better on the grill if when you leave them alone, especially chicken and ribs. Rack holders allow gill daddies to maximize the grilling space by designating areas for certain foods. When you don’t have to flip the meat, spices will stay on the food and the smoke flavor will surround it for even better flavor and cooking.

  8. BBQ Sauces and Spices - Elevate your grilling presence with these signature Treager sauces and spices. I use these all the time and get tons of compliments on my foods flavor. Each spice and sauce has pairing compliments indicated and recommended pellet flavors.

  9. Grill Cover - Tired of moving your grill in and out of storage to protect it from the elements? Me too, and that’s what grill covers are for! We sell grill covers for just about ever grill you can imagine.

  10. Thermal Blankets - Smoking at low temperatures when the temperature is cold or when it’s windy is difficult. Wrap your grill in these thermal blankets to keep your grill temp more constant and get your food done on time!
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