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Mission Success! How Stove & Grill Parts Has Helped Those In Need During The Pandemic

Mission Success! How Stove & Grill Parts Has Helped Those In Need During The Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has proven to be difficult for many Americans, especially our front line medical professionals and low income individuals, this is why we extended a helping hand. Throughout the pandemic, Stove & Grill Parts for Less has provided support for these communities by donating $5,000 to local food banks, 10,000+ N95 masks to local hospitals and first responders, and offered $10,000 in financial support to low income individuals in need of stove repairs. As the coronavirus continued and more Americans were without work, we dedicated ourselves to providing support for families in need who rely on their wood and pellet stoves for heat through the Stove Repair Relief Fund!

We couldn't thank you enough for the relief repair last year. We needed a few pellet stove parts (as that is our only heat) and didn't have the full funds to get them, thanks to COVID-19 layoffs. Your company was so kind & generous. The parts came super fast, customer service was a huge help, and we were able to install them ourselves quickly & stayed warm all winter. Thank you again so much. We couldn't have been able to afford them without your help.” ~Mandy 

Millions of Americans use pellet and wood burning stoves as an affordable alternative to heating their homes. A stove's failure to operate can strike during the most inopportune time, leaving families without heat when it’s most needed. Purchasing a new stove can be costly, ranging from $900 - $4000+, this is a budget most Americans did not afford during the COVID-19 pandemic. No family should have to struggle to remain warm, this is why the Stove Repair Relief Fund was created. Stove & Grill Parts For Less teamed up with the Alliance for Green Heat and the Osprey Foundation to assist Americans across the nation suffering financial hardships in repairing their heaters. 

I was pleasantly surprised when you offered to apply the discount ... It was such a relief and was greatly appreciated. Due to the generosity and help from the Stove Repair Relief Fund and excellent customer service I received from your company, I am a devoted customer and highly recommend you to others when given the chance. Thank you for helping others in need. I appreciate you.” ~Jessica

The Alliance for Green Heat works with environmental organizations, wood and pellet stove industries, and air quality experts to promote high-efficiency wood burning as a sustainable, local, and affordable heating solution. The Alliance collaborates with other organizations and key community members to educate the public and policymakers on the potential of wood and pellet heat, as well as the low and middle income populations dependence on this affordable heating alternative. Additionally, in their efforts to provide affordable renewable heat, the Alliance for Green Heat joined Stove & Grill Parts for Less and The Osprey Foundation in creating the Stove Relief Fund to continue their assistance for families relying on wood and pellet burning stoves for heat. 

The low income program was a true lifesaver for us by helping to keep our family warm this winter with a lot less hassle. “` ~ Cynthia

Our collaboration would also not be possible without the Osprey Foundation. This foundation dedicates its efforts to empower communities through grant funding to address health, human rights, education, and economic opportunities globally in a sustainable way. The Osprey Foundation believes in putting grant funds to work through fostering social change beyond the typical one year grant commitment, and this includes providing communities in need with access to green heating solutions.

The Repair Relief Fund has allowed dozens of families to stay warm during one of the most difficult years. This would not be possible without our collaboration with Alliance for Green Heat, the Osprey Foundation, and or our generous customers who have donated additional funds. Thank you to all who helped make this possible!

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