Camp Chef Pellet Grills

All Camp Chef Pellet Grill Repair & Replacement Parts

All pellet smoker grill utilize a feed system to deliver the wood pellets from the hopper to the burn pot. Regardless of method, each model and manufacturer make use of a system of parts to keep this clever orchestra performing at its best. Does your pellet stove have trouble running on low? Is it slow to feed pellets at startup? One or more components of your feed system or the auger motor itself may need to be replaced. As a rule, feed systems should be disassembled and inspected every 2-3 years. Auger motors, although may seem to turn perfectly fine they will slow down over time.

Camp Chef Replacement Parts & Accessories

Camp Chef pellet grills offer the convenience of other pellet grills, while also adding features such as Camp Chef's patented ash cleanout system and digital temperature control. With the ability to easily and precisely set your grill's temperature, you can smoke, roast, and even bake --- with one appliance!

Stove Parts for Less carries a wide range of replacement parts and accessories for Camp Chef grills, including the SmokePro and Woodwind lines. Whether you need grease bucket liners for easy cleanup, or auger motor parts for repair, we have the Camp Chef pellet grill parts you need.