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Louisiana Grills CS300 Grill Repair and Replacement Parts Louisiana Grills CS300 Grill Repair and Replacement Parts
(Burn Pots)

A burn pot is the basket, tray, or cupped area where the pellets burn. Some burn pots are complete and some use a burn pot and burn pot liner combination. Burn pots do wear out! Inspect yours. Does it have a crack in the bottom or on the backside? Is it pitted, a maroon color or missing parts of metal? Is your igniter getting hot but failing to ignite the pellets? These are signs of a warped burn pot that may need to be replaced.

Replacement Parts for Louisiana Grill CS300 Pellet Grill

Known as "The Tailgator", the CS300 by Louisana Grills is the ultimate portable pellet grill. This compact pellet grill weighs less than 100lbs, but features a grilling surface that can handle 18 burgers as well as a 12lb hopper that allows for up to 8 hours of grilling before you need to refill. In addition to these features, Louisana Grill's signature digital control center allows you to precisely manage the temperature of your grill, allowing you to cook with precision.

Stove Parts for Less is proud to carry replacement parts and accessories for the CS300 Tailgator and other Louisana pellet grills. Igniters, combustion fans, control boards, bucket liners, and more are in stock and ready to ship!