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Fire Starters Fire Starters

Starting a fire in your wood or pellet stove can be tricky, but the right fire starter can make it a breeze! At Stove Parts for Less we have a wide range of fire starter products, from gel starter to igniter packets -- even pine cones! Enjoy our 30-day hassle-free return policy, and our free shipping on most orders over $199.

Firestarter Options for Wood & Pellet Stoves

Gelled Fire Starter

Gelled fire starter is ideal for starting fires in either wood or pellet stoves. Just one ounce can start a fire, without risk of flare-ups. Rutland’s One-Match Gelled Fire Starter is odor free and smoke free, making it a great option for indoor use.

All Natural Fire Starters

There are many excellent choices for all-natural fire starters. Fatwood offers a line of “Firedrops” - pods of sawdust bound with paraffin wax, or firestarter sticks made from the split stumps of pine trees that are naturally high in resin.

Fire Starter Packets

CSL makes a range of Ignite O-Fire Starter packets, which boast big flames with no fumes! These are simple to use -- just light the packet!

Whatever you choose for a firestarter, Stove Parts for Less has you covered. If you have a question about the best firestarter option for your home, our friendly and professional staff will be happy to answer your questions via phone or chat.