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Circulating Fans Circulating Fans

Circulating fans help you make the most of your wood or pellet stove by moving the radiant heat they produce throughout your home. Stove Parts for Less carries a selection of high-quality circulating fans, many of which work without electricity. Circulating fans are a worthwhile investment to help you get the most out of your wood or pellet stove.

Benefits of a Circulating Fan

Circulating fans can provide a cost savings by maximizing the heat produced by your stove. By moving the heat throughout your home, circulating fans such as the Ultrair Stove Fan by Ecofan help to create even heat and reduce your fuel consumption. This is also good for the environment, as it reduces emissions and your reliance on electricity!

Unlike a traditional motorized blower, the circulating fans carried by Stove Parts for Less are nearly silent. Even the motorized fans, such as the Minuteman Room to Room Door Fan, operate extremely quietly while moving heat into different rooms of your house. This is perfect for those looking to use stove heat as a supplemental or even primary heat source.

Ecofan’s line of stove-top circulating fans start automatically, using the radiant heat of your stove to generate their momentum. This means that you can enjoy efficient, even heating without having to remember to turn a fan on! It also means that you won’t waste electricity operating a fan after a fire has gone out during the night or a long time away from home.