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Glass & Stove Cleaner Glass & Stove Cleaner

Glass Cleaning

Over time, soot, ash and creosote will build up on your wood or pellet stove glass. It is important to select the right cleaner, because if you choose something that is too abrasive it may damage the ceramic glass. Some glass cleaners, like Rutland’s Stove Grill & Hearth glass cleaner, contain micro-scrubbers that will remove build up without scratching the ceramic glass. This cleaner also leaves behind a thin silicone film which will allow you to go longer between cleanings.

Stove Polish

Stove polish, such as William’s Stove Polish, can bring back the original luster of your cast iron wood stove, deepening the color and removing marks, stains, or discoloration.

Creosote Treatment

CSL offers creosote sweeping logs for wood stoves, or CSL pellet stove cleaner. These treatments will remove build up from your flue and maintain the safety and efficiency of your stove. The CSL pellet stove cleaner can also assist in removing “clinkers”, a common build up that can occur in corn burning furnaces.