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Male spade connector Fits Many Stoves #1-00-00957

Male spade connector Fits Many Stoves #1-00-00957

Price: $1.99
St Croix Burn Pot Scraper for most models, # 80P50124-R

Grate Scraper 80P50124-R.St. Croix: SCF-050 Corn Furnace, Revolution Multi-Fuel Furnace, Ashby MF, Greenfield, Auburn, Lancaster, Lincoln SCR, Hastings, York Insert, Prescott, Afton Bay, Ashby P ...

Price: $8.99
Harman Burn Pot Scraper for All Harman Pellet Stoves.,#2-00-773850-10

This tool is used to scrap the ash in the burn pot. This particular scraper is best used on Harman pellet stoves.Harman: 52i, Accentra FS, Accentra Insert, Advance, XXV, P68, P61A, P43, P38+, P38,...

Price: $9.99
Elenco TL-6 Standard Alligator Lead Set, 10-Piece. #00475

Jumper Clip Lead Set of 10 Pieces Length - 14" 5 Colors for easy identification Keep these handy leads ready for those special tasks

Price: $14.99
Burn Pot Scraper for Montage by Lennox. montage-scraper

This tool is used to scrap the ash in the burn pot. This scraper is for the Montage model made by Lennox.

Price: $14.99
Anderol 465 Synthetic Bearing Oil for Fasco motors and others. PP5400

Anderol 465 Synthetic Bearing Oil: PP5400 We sell the Anderol synthetic bearing oil for Fasco pellet stove blower motors that require oil lubrication. This pellet stove bearing oil is rated for hi...

Price: $14.99
LCD Digital Ohm VOLT Meter AC DC Voltmeter Multimeter- volt-meter.

Max AC Voltage Range: 600V. Max DC Voltage Range: 600V. Resistance Measurement: 200 Ohm-2000K Ohm range 3 digits, 7segment, 15mm high LCD Display. Max Display: 1999, Auto polarity display. Small an...

Price: $24.99
The CSL Pellet Stove Cleaner 3.5 lbs. #98000

CSL Pellet Stove Cleaner is designed for regular use in your pellet stove or boiler to optimize their efficiency. A clean stove more energy efficient, reduces pellet consumption, exerts less pollu...

Price: $29.99
Rutland Red Cotton-Lined Red Leather Fireplace Gloves. RT702

Between building a fire, refueling, and cleaning up, your hands take quite a bit of abuse every time you build a fire. Fortunately, there's an easy way to protect them with these Rutland Red Co...

Price: $44.99
Dwyer Magnehelic Series 2000 Differential Pressure Gauge

Select the Magnehelic gage for high accuracy--guaranteed within 2% of full scale--and for the wide choice of 81 models available to suit your needs precisely. Using Dwyer's simple, frictionless Mag...

Price: $119.99