Whitfield Auger Motor High-Torque (1RPM Clockwise): 12046300-AMP


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1 RPM, Clock-wise, "High-Torque" Replacement Auger Motor for all Whitfield, Traditions, Lennox/Whitfield, and IHP Pellet Stoves.

NOTE: ALL WHITFIELD PELLET STOVES, (Legend, Advantage, Prodigy, Quest, Renaissance, Waterford Erin, Cascade), INCLUDING ALL OF THE WHITFIELD STOVES MADE UNDER THE LENNOX BRAND (Profile Series, Omega, Advantage, Cascade, Montage), and all of the IHP Pellet Stoves (Cascade, Montage) all use a "High Torque" auger motor made especially for the 1-second duty cycle (feed time).

Cheaper auger motors that you may find elsewhere for "very-low" prices, or other 1RPM motors we sell will not work in any of the stoves mentioned above. This motor was designed especially for us to the original Whitfield Specification, but at the lowest price point possible. BEWARE OF CHEAP 1RPM MOTORS ELSEWHERE!!!

On a high-torque motor, when the power is cut to the feed system the motor shaft must come to a complete stop. If you are using a low-torque motor when the power is cut, the motor shaft slows to a stop and creates a feed cycle that is longer than 1 second...which causes the stove to burn out of control on high cycles and will overfeed on low cycles or at start-up which can lead to a dangerous stove malfunction.

This motor can also be used in a majority of Regency, Enviro, Vista Flame, and Hudson River pellet stoves that use a 1 RPM motor for the feed auger or an agitator.

Replacement For Part Number:
  • 12046300

Compatible Models

    Blaze King

  • Sirocco SC25

    Earth Stove

  • Traditions T300P


  • EF1
  • EF2
  • EF3
  • EF3Bi
  • EF4
  • EF4i
  • EF5
  • Empress FS
  • Empress Insert
  • Meridian
  • Milan
  • Mini
  • P4
  • Solus
  • Windsor

    Hudson River

  • Chatham Insert
  • Chatham
  • Davenport Insert
  • Davenport
  • Kinderhook
  • Niagara
  • Saranac Insert
  • Saranac
  • Saratoga
  • West Point


  • Montage


  • GF40
  • GF55
  • GFI55

    Vista Flame

  • VF100 FS
  • VF100i
  • VF55


  • Advantage I
  • Advantage II INS
  • Advantage II
  • Advantage II-T C
  • Advantage II-T
  • Advantage III
  • Advantage Plus FS
  • Advantage Plus INS
  • Cascade
  • Explorer
  • Frontiersman
  • Legend
  • Optima 2 FS
  • Optima 3 FS
  • Optima 3 INS
  • Prodigy 1
  • Prodigy 2
  • Profile 20 FS (7495 - 7494)
  • Profile 30 FS (11905 - 11904)
  • Profile 30 INS (11905 - 11904)
  • Quest FS WP4
  • Quest INS WP4
  • Quest Plus FS WP4
  • Quest Plus INS WP4
  • Renaissance
  • Traditions T300P
  • Traditions TP300
  • Traditions TP340