Pacific Energy Wood Stove Parts

Pacific Energy Wood Stove Parts

With designs ranging from classic to modern, Pacific Energy has a wood stove to fit your home. All Pacific Energy stoves are low emission, budget friendly, and easy to use. Stove Parts for Less has the replacement parts you need to make sure your Pacific Energy wood stove lasts for years to come.

Replacement Parts for Pacific Energy Wood Stoves

Pacific Energy produces a wide range of wood stoves and inserts, from modern inserts to classic cast iron free standing stoves. There is even an insert option for those with smaller fireplace openings, to give homeowners with existing fireplaces a chance to enjoy the efficiency and cost savings of a wood burning insert. 

Finding the correct wood stove for your space is important, as smaller stoves will not be able to keep up with the heating demands of larger home, and larger stoves may require large clearances and may overheat smaller sized stoves. Pacific Energy offers stoves in all categories, such as the Vista; which is perfect for smaller sized homes, and the Summit; which is capable of heating up to 3000 sq. ft. 

Regardless of the size of your stove, all wood stoves and inserts will require regular maintenance and occasional replacement of worn and broken parts. Gaskets, firebricks, and even handles can break over time, and Stove Parts for Less has the parts you need to ensure that you can continue to enjoy your Pacific Energy wood stove for many years. 


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