Wood Stove Baffle Blankets

Wood Stove Baffle Blankets

Baffle blankets are an important part of your stove and will need to be regularly inspected and replaced. Stove Parts for Less carries a variety of competitively priced baffle blankets to keep your stove running at top performance!

How do Baffle Blankets Work

Baffle blankets, along with a baffle made of steel or other material, act as a barrier between the top of your stove and the heat from the fire. These keep heat inside the firebox and increase the efficiency of your stove. 

A damaged or missing baffle blanket may cause your baffle to wear out more quickly, and will also cause you to have to burn more fuel. Stove Parts for Less offers many baffle blankets so that you are sure to find one that fits your stove model. If you not sure what baffle blanket you need, our helpful staff is ready to answer your questions either by phone or chat! 

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