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Piazzetta Marcella Pellet Stove Repair and Replacement Parts Piazzetta Marcella Pellet Stove Repair and Replacement Parts

The Piazzetta Marcella has convenience feature such a programmable thermostat with a timer, and a removable ash drawer. The Marcella has a classic and elegant design paired with a steel frame that is built to last. Stove Parts for Less carries a wide range of replacement parts for the Piazzetta Marcella, so that you can save money and keep your pellet stove running in peak condition.

Replacement Parts for Piazzetta Marcella

The Piazzetta Marcella has a steel frame and cast iron grates, burn pots, and firebox. The ceramic glass has an an air-wash system to keep your viewing area clear, in addition to other convenience features such as digital controls, programmable thermostats, and a timer. The Marcella is has a high heat output relative to it's physical footprint, and is capable of heating spaces up to 1,800 sq. ft.

Stove Parts for Less stocks a full line of replacement parts for the Piazzetta Marcella. Cast iron parts such as grates and burn pots may become warped over time, which can cause your pellet stove to stop functioning properly. Additionally, worn gaskets can reduce your stoves efficiency. Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your Piazzetta Marcella in safe working order, and Stove Parts for Less makes keeping your pellet stove running simple with our fast shipping and excellent customer service.