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Piazzetta Sabrina Pellet Stove Repair and Replacement Parts Piazzetta Sabrina Pellet Stove Repair and Replacement Parts

The Piazzetta Sabrina comes in an assortment of colors, giving you the ability to customize the look of your pellet stove to match your home's decor. The Sabrina pellet stove has many convenience features such as digital controls, a programmable thermostat, and even an option remote control. Stove Parts for Less carries a variety of high quality after-market and OEM replacement parts for Piazetta Sabrina pellet stoves.

Replacement Parts for Piazzetta Sabrina

The Piazzetta Sabrina has a classic design, with modern technologies for ease of use such as timers, programmable thermostats, and optional remote controls. The Sabrina can put out up to 47,000 BTUs and heat spaces up to 2,200 sq. ft.

The Piazzetta Sabrina also features cast iron parts such as burn pots and grates, which are durable but can still warp over time. It is important to replace warped or worn parts periodically to ensure the efficiency of your pellet stove. Stove Parts for Less carries high quality OEM and after market replacement parts for Piazzetta pellet stoves.