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Thelin Gnome Pellet Stove Repair and Replacement Parts Thelin Gnome Pellet Stove Repair and Replacement Parts

Thelin Pellet Stove Parts For Less!

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Thelin Gnome Pellet Stove Parts

Considered the “little brother” to the Parlour pellet stove Thelin Gnome stoves have been around for over 25 years, and have been continuously improving each year, and there are many thousands of stoves using the Gnome pellet model. The Gnome stove is truly a beautiful, elegant, and vintage style with its pot-belly design and high-tech features. The Gnome pellet stove is mainly designed to heat small areas and is great for any small home. This stove is also very environmentally friendly boasting an ultra-low EPA emission output of only 1.2 grams per hour, making it one of the lowest in the industry. Add to these benefits the fact that it’s also very economical to run and you have the perfect stove for any small home.

The built in DC drive-battery backup stove ensures a high 27K BTU rate of burn and much lower expenses to run the unit. The battery uses a 12 volt backup circuit and includes battery trickle charge function. If there is a power outage you can be sure the Gnome keeps running to ensure your home is nice and warm during power outages.

Best Reasons To Use A Gnome Pellet Stove

  • Best option if your are trying to heat a small home
  • Great backup system
  • Very environmentally friendly
  • Low cost to run and maintain
  • Very unique and beautiful, stylish vintage design
  • Very durable construction

Already Own A Gnome Pellet Stove?

If you are already the lucky owner of one of these wonderful stoves you should be sure to maintain it correctly, and use only the best replacement parts. Stove Parts For Less has been selling Thelin Gnome pellet stove replacement parts for over 10 year and our support staff is highly trained to make sure you get the right parts that fit your exact stove model.

Having the correct replacement parts for your Gnome stove is extremely important to ensure your home is safe, as well as your loved ones living in it. So don’t take any chances to save a few bucks, as it’s not worth the risk. Our prices are super low, we have free shipping over $199 within the continental USA, and you get a no hassle 30 day return policy with every order.

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