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US Stove Exhaust Blower: 80473-AMP

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A $250.00 Savings over the OEM

Product SKU ! SP4L-101-5
Product MPN ! 80473
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USSC Pellet Stove Exhaust Blower.  The exhaust blower is responsible for drawing smoke out of the unit and pulling combustion air into the stove.  It is important that the blower functions properly.  If the blower is not running as it should, smoke/flue gas may enter the room.  You may also notice a lazy flame and a poor burn as a result of inadequate combustion air being delivered to the fire. 

    Install Note: This blower comes wired with one male and one female wire lead. If you require two female leads, convert the male lead with the female to female connector. If you require two male leads, convert the female lead with the male to male connector.

    Note: If you need the complete assembly with the blower attached to the housing, see part SP4L-80473

    Replacement For Part Numbers:

    • 80473
    • 80454

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    UPC: 12685804736

    Compatible Models

      Golden Eagle

    • 5520


    • KP5522
    • KP130

      US Stove Company

    • 5500
    • 5500M
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    • 6041
    • 6041HF
    • 6041I
    • 6041TP

    Technical Specs

    Volts 115
    Cycles 60Hz
    Amps 1.6
    RPM 3000



    Install Instructions For US Stove Exhaust Blower: 80473-AMP

    To replace the exhaust blower:

    1. Unplug the unit
    2. Open the service panel
    3. Locate the exhaust blower. If your unit has the original OEM blower, you may have to remove the entire blower assembly if the motor cannot be removed from the hub. This will also involve removing the vent from the end of the assembly. If you have a Breckwell Insert, you will need to remove the entire off-set assembly from the of blower assembly and attach it to the new assembly if you have a hub-less motor.
    4. Disconnect wiring
    5. Replace blower assembly along with any gaskets that were disturbed (included).
    6. Reconnect venting if it was disconnected
    7. Reattach the wiring
    8. NOTE: if the venting was removed, make sure to apply RTV silicone to the venting adapter and secure with a single self tapping screw.