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Harman Accentra Insert Pellet Stove Resources

Contact Harman

You can reach Harman Stove Company by:
Phone: 1 (800) 664-3119
Online: Click here or visit

Find your stove model / serial #

To identify your specific wood, gas or pellet model, locate the rating plate, on which you will find the serial and model number. Rating plates are located in different places depending on your model type:

Pellet Stoves: Look for your model identification information either inside the hopper, outside the hopper, or behind the access panel or side curtain.

Wood & Gas Stoves: Rating plates can be found on the back of your stove model, inside the lower access cover, or in the pedestal base.

Wood & Gas Inserts>: You will find your rating plate either under the ash lip or on the side of the firebox, inside the control compartment.

Wood & Gas Fireplaces: Identification information can be found in the control compartment either on the firebox side column, or beneath the smoke shield.

Electric Fireplaces: Rating plates can be found on the ceiling of the firebox.

Warranty Information

Be sure to register your product with HHT by visiting

The most up to date Harman Stoves warranty information can always be found here or visit

Maintenance Videos by Stove Model

Accentra Pellet Insert Help Videos

Q: Stove not working in room temp mode?

Q: Stove not working in room temp mode. It does work in stove temp mode. Any reason why?

A: I suspect that your room sensor is the problem. The first thing I will ask you to check is that the room sensor is securely attached to the spade connectors of the room sensor terminal on the back of your stove. Once you have checked this area for proper connection, inspect the condition of the wire itself. If there are any breaks or tears in the protective cover of the wires this may indicate that there is damage to the wire that would not allow the sensor at the end to properly transmit temperature to the control board. Sometimes the damage is not visible or the sensor has simply failed.

I would also like to mention if you are attempting to run the stove in room temp mode and the temperature in the room is already at the desired temperature the stove will not come on until the temperature in the room drops. In addition to this if you have the room sensor located in an area that is warmer then the rest of the room (ie near base board heat or sunny window where the sun rays are heating it) then it is reading the temperature at that location and not the actual room temperature.

For most Harman Pellet Stoves, other than the Absolute 43/63 and the Allure 50, Harman uses the same Room Sensor. The replacement part can be found here: 3-20-00906