Englander Auger Motor 1 RPM Counter Clockwise (OEM), PU-047040

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Englander OEM Auger Motor For Many Models (See Compatible)

Part Number: PU-047040


This auger motor is designed to fit Englander pellet stoves including models 25-PDV and 25-PDVC (two per unit), and is the stirrer motor on Englander's 10-CPM multi-fuel stove. This Englander auger motor comes fully assembled and is simple to install. 

There are two of these motors in each Englander stove, an upper motor, and a lower motor, they are the same. For safety, when replacing only ONE of these motors, the newer motor should always be on the bottom to prevent failure and "burn back". If only replacing 1 motor, the oldest motor can be moved to the top. For the best performance of your stove, it is suggested that both motors be replaced every 5-8 years, dependent on use. 

Instructions for replacing the Auger Motors:

Unplug stove and remove the rear service panel. Locate the auger motors and remove the wire terminals from each motor. Stoves that were made prior to 2004 will have wires permanently attached to the motor and will need to be unplugged at the control panel. Each auger motor is held in place by a 5/16" (8mm) square set screw. Simply loosen this screw and the auger motor will slide out. Align the new motor so that the set screw is on the flat side of the auger motor shaft and tighten the motor in place.


Replacement For Part Number :
  • PU-047040

UPC #: 794909901109

Compatible Models


  • 10-CPM
  • 25-PAF
  • 25-PDV
  • 25-PDVC
  • 25-PFS
  • 25-PI

Technical Specs

Direction Counter Clockwise
Volts 120
Amps .72
Shaft 5/16 Diameter
Connector Male Spades



Assembly Instructions For Englander Auger Motor 1 RPM Counter Clockwise (OEM), PU-047040

1. Aligning your augers. The first step is to unplug your stove and remove the back access cover from your stove. WARNING: ELECTRICAL SHOCK CAN OCCUR IF UNIT IS NOT UNPLUGGED.

2. After removing the back cover, find the setscrew that holds the auger and auger motor assembly (“assy.”), and loosen it with a 5/16th open end wrench or a 3/8th 12-point socket. After loosening the setscrew, slide the auger motor assy. towards the back of the stove to remove it. Set the motor aside, then attempt to turn the auger by hand; if it turns freely without binding, there may be no need to align it.

3. If the auger is binding, the next step is to loosen the four ½” bolts that hold the auger and bearing assy. in place. (Note: this applies to stoves with cast feeder pots. If your stove has a welded feeder pot, there will be 7/16” nuts instead of ½” bolts.) Next, try to shake loose whatever is preventing the auger from turning freely. This is done by shaking the auger back and forth and trying to turn it. If the auger cannot be freed, take the four bolts and washers off and slide the auger out of the tube. Check the auger and bearing for damage, wear, and function. If damaged or worn, contact Technical Support for replacement parts, or purchase from our web site. If you determine that the assy. is not damaged or worn, insert the assy. back into the tube. If you have felt bearing gasket, it should be replaced each time you align the auger; if you have a nylon (hard) gasket, and there is no visible damage or wear to it, you may re-use it.

4. The next step will be to put the bolts and washers back into the holes for the bearing, leaving them loose. Turn the auger by hand; at this time the auger should settle into place by moving side to side as you turn it. Lift the bearing slightly to keep the auger above the bottom of the tube. Tighten the bottom right bolt all the way, then, while still holding the bearing in place, tighten the top left bolt. Then (again) turn the auger, checking the auger for rubbing or binding. If the auger is binding, tap straight in on the shaft of the auger with a hammer — this should free it. (Note: you will hear some scraping noise when the augers turn, until you run the unit with pellets in it, since this is a floating auger system.) After the auger is free and turning smoothly, tighten any one of the remaining bolts, then check the auger for smoothness again; if free, tighten the last bolt.

5. Replace the auger motor, taking care to place the setscrew on the flat side of the auger motor shaft. When the stove is fully assembled, turn the stove on and allow it to run for 30 minutes (with no fire), listening to the auger system for excessive noises or any signs of improper operation. After the auger is determined to be working correctly, put a small amount of pellets (about 5 lbs.) into the hopper, and let the pellets feed into the burn area of the stove. If the stove is feeding properly at this time, it is ready for normal use. 

Helpful Tips

There are two of these motors in each Englander stove, an upper motor and a lower motor, they are the same. For safety, when replacing only ONE of these motors, the newer motor should always be on the bottom to prevent failure and "burn back". If only replacing 1 motor, the oldest motor can be moved to the top. For the best performance of your stove it is suggested that both motors be replaced every 5-8 years, dependent on use.

Units built from 2004 to present have a diagnostic test mode built into the circuit board. This can be used to test the individual electrical components of the unit.

WARNING: This mode can not be used to operate the stove! Attempting to burn this unit in this mode can cause damage to the unit.

Note: The stove should be completely empty of fuel and cold when using the diagnostic mode for testing the unit.

1) Unplug the stove. Locate the low burn air and air on temp buttons at the bottom of the touch pad. To start diagnostic, plug in the stove and then quickly push these buttons at the same time, then release. A number code will appear in the digital readout, this is the reading for the heat sensor. The blower speed number may change some while displayed. This is normal.

2) At this point press the low burn air button  located at the bottom center of the touchpad. After pushing, a dash appears in the blower speed window.

3) Press the blower speed up arrow , and release, the exhaust blower will come on and you should see a circle in the blower speed and a dash then appears in the heat range.

4) Next, press the blower speed down arrow , this will turn on the room air blower and you will see in the display an 8 in the blower speed and the dash in the heat range

5) Press the heat range down arrow this will turn on the lower auger motor, you will see a circle in the heat range and an 8 in the blower speed.

6) Press the heat range up arrow next, this will start the auger motor, you will see an 8 in both displays at this time.

7) The low burn air button at the bottom center of the control board will turn on the auto igniter element, and the red light above the button will light up when pressed, look through the glass in the front door and watch for 2 to 3 minutes for the igniter to start to glow.

8) To turn off any of these components simply push again the same button that turned it on . To take the unit out of diagnostic mode, unplug the unit and plug it back in, this will reset the control board back into its "run mode".


Unfortunately, sometimes products do not work like they are supposed to. We offer a 90 day warranty on manufacturer defects. Some manufacturers make this a very simple and easy process unfortunately others do not. Please be advised that warranty claims for these parts may take up to 4 weeks for processing, and customers must cover shipping.

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