Englander 3/8" X 1" Hinge Pin Rivet for all Cast Doors AC-HP

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Hinge Pin Rivet for cast stove door; 3/8" x 1 3/4".

Replacement For Part Number:
  • AC-HP

Compatible Models

    This Hinge Pin Rivet fit in the following stoves - 17-VL
  • 50-SVL17
  • 50-SVL17LC and 50-TVL17 - 18-MH
  • 50-SHW15 and 50-TRW15 - 24-ICD
  • 50-SHW25 and 50-TRW25 - 24-JC
  • 50-SHW20 and 50-TRW20 - 27-C2000
  • 27-C3000
  • 50-SHWC2 and 50-SHWC3
  • 50-TRWC2 and 50-TRWC3 - 28-3500
  • 50-SHW35 and 50-TRW35 - 18-TR
  • 18-TRD
  • 50-SHW10
  • 50-SHW10D and 50-SHW10DL
  • 50-TRW10 and 50-TRW10D - 24-ACD
  • 24-FC
  • 50-SHW24
  • 50-SHW16 and 50-SHW16L
  • 50-TRW24 and 50-TRW16 Parts - 10-CPM
  • 49-SHCPM
  • 49-TRCPM - 30-NCP
  • 30-NCL & 30-NCG; 50-SNC30P
  • 50-SNC30L
  • 50-SNC30PM & 50-SNC30G; 50-TNC30P
  • 50-TNC30L & 50-TNC30G - 12-FPP
  • 12-FPL & 12-FPG; 50-SFP12P
  • 50-SFP12L & 50-SFP12G; 50-TFP12P
  • 50-TFP12L & 50-TFP12G Parts - 13-NCI
  • 50-SNC13I & 50-TNC13I Parts - 13-NCC
  • 13-NCP
  • 13-NCL
  • 13-NCG & 13-NCMH; 50-SNC13C
  • 50-SNC13P
  • 50-SNC13L
  • 50-SNC13G
  • 50-SNC13PL & 50-SNCMH13; 50-TNC13C
  • 50-TNC13P
  • 50-TNC13L
  • 50-TNC13G & 50-TNCMH13 and Golden Eagle Parts - 25-PUF
  • 55-SHP240 and 55-TRP240 - 25-IP
  • 25-IPM
  • 25-IPS
  • 55-SHPIP
  • 55-SHPIPL
  • 55-SHPIPM
  • 55-SHPIPS and 55-TRPIP
  • 55-TRPIPM and 55-TRPIPS Parts - 25-PAF
  • 25-PDV
  • 25-PDVC
  • 25-PDVP
  • 25-PI; 55-SHP10
  • 55-SHP10L
  • 55-SHP15
  • 55-SHP20; 55-SHP22
  • 55-SHP22L
  • 55-SHP25; 55-TRP10
  • 55-TRP15
  • 55-TRP20
  • 55-TRP22
  • 55-TRP25; American Heritage
  • American Standard
  • US 25-5670 Parts - 25-PAF
  • 55-SHP25 and 55-TRP25 Parts - 10-CDVP
  • 10-CDVL &10-CDVG; 49-SHC22P
  • 49-SHC22L & 49-SHC22G; 49-TRC22P
  • 49-TRC22L & 49-TRC22G Parts - 25-EP
  • 55-SHPEP
  • 55-SHPEPL and 55-TRPEP Parts - 25-EPI
  • 55-SHPEPI
  • 55-SHPEPIL and 55-TRPEPI Parts - 25-PAH
  • 55-SHPAH
  • 55-SHPAHL and 55-TRPAH Parts - 25-PDV
  • 25-PDVP
  • 55-SHP15
  • 55-SHP22 and 55-SHP22L
  • 55-TRP15
  • 55-TRP22
  • American Heritage and US 25-5670 Parts - 25-PDVC
  • 55-SHP10 and 55-SHP10L
  • American Standard and 55-TRP10 Parts - 25-PI
  • 55-SHP20 and 55-TRP20 Parts


Unfortunately sometimes products do not work like they are supposed to. We offer a 90 day warranty on manufacturer defects. Some manufacturers make this a very simple and easy process unfortunately others do not. Please be advised that warranty claims for these parts may take up to 4 weeks for processing, and customers must cover shipping.

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