Harman P35i Burnpot, 1-10-774286

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burn pot assembly with cleanout cover for Harman pellet stoves

This Burnpot is for the Harman P35i

OEM Harman part

Product #: 1-10-774286

Genuine Harman product

Compatible Models

  • P35i


To change out the burn pot you will need the following tools: 1/2" socket with ball joint adapter, 5/16" socket, flush cutter snips (wire cutters).

Unlatch the insert and pull it out so that the rear wheels are to the end of the track. If you have a raised hearth extension you will need to support the stove. Harman makes service rails for this. If your insert has a flush or inset hearth extension you will want to lift the insert out, protecting the surfaces below the insert and set it down on some wood, sheetmetal or cardboard, etc...

Whenever a Harman insert is pulled out of the hearth ash from the liner will fall into the work space. Use this as an opportunity to sweep your liner and clean up any ash that is behind the the stove. While you have your vacuum out, clean the inside of the firebox too.

In the back of the stove you want to locate the yellow and light blue wires under the auger motor, trace them back to the wiring harness and using your snips, cut the zip ties that hold the coiled excess of yellow and blue wires. Follow the yellow and light blue wires to the back of the insert and push 4-6" length of wires through the plastic cap into the insert.

In the fire box, remove the two wing-nut screws and cover plate on the burn pot.

Remove the two 5/16" hex screws above the cover plate to remove the igniter and cradle. Gently pull the igniter assembly out until the yellow and light blue wires are visible and disconnect the wires.

Remove the flame guide, locate the four 1/2" mounting nuts that secure the burn pot to the firebox and remove from the stove.

Scrape the gasket away from the stove, install new gasket, thread the igniter wires through the gasket and the back of the burn pot and secure the new burn pot. BE CAREFUL NOT TO PINCH THE WIRES WHEN TIGHTENING THE BURN POT DOWN.

Reconnect the igniter assembly and gently pull the yellow and light blue wires from the back of the stove to take out the slack while guiding the igniter assembly back into place. Pull the wires until they stop at the plastic pass-through cap.

Zip tie excess wires back to the wiring harness, fasten igniter with 5/16" screws, replace the wing-nuts and cover plate and replace flame guide.


Unfortunately sometimes products do not work like they are supposed to. We offer a 6 month warranty on manufacturer defects. Some manufacturers make this a very simple and easy process unfortunately others do not. Please be advised that warranty claims for these parts may take up to 4 weeks for processing, and customers must cover shipping.


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