Traeger Digital Elite Thermostat Control Board, BAC236-OEM

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This is the upgraded version that no longer has the P-setting adjustment feature. It is now manufactured with Advanced Grilling Logic.

Take total control of your Traeger grill with this 11-stage digital thermostat upgrade kit. This thermostat gives you total control over temperature with settings from 180 to 375 degrees and also features a high mode for fast cooking and a smoke mode for low-temperature smoking. These controllers connect and work easily with all Traeger grills made up until 2019 (excludes Scout and PTG+).

Replacement is quick and easy.

Note: This fits most Traegers with no modifications but some OLDER Traegers may need the control board hole expanded to fit the larger circuit board on the back of all digital thermostat upgrades.

Note: Some older discontinued Traeger grills made before 2014 had different wire connections on their controllers. Those controls are now obsolete. You can still use this controller as an upgrade by converting your existing wiring of your components to this Molex Wiring Connection or, by upgrading/ replacing all of the electrical components which will have the correct and most current Molex wire connections already attached.

Auger Motor - BRN100

Igniter - BAC199

Induction Air Fan - FAN209

The Upgrade to this controller is BAC365 or 20 Series Junior, Bronson Tailgater can use BAC519

Replacement For Part Numbers:
  • BAC236
  • BAC283
  • BAC389
  • BAC334
  • BAC388

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Compatible Models


  • Bronson 20
  • Century 22
  • Century
  • Double Commercial
  • Eastwood 22
  • Eastwood 34
  • Heartland
  • Junior Elite 20
  • Large Commercial Trailer
  • Lil Tex Limited Edition
  • Lil' Pig
  • Lil Tex Elite 22
  • Longhorn Steer
  • Mesa 22
  • Pro 20
  • Pro Series 22
  • Pro Series 34
  • Professional
  • PTG
  • Renegade Elite 20
  • Renegade Pro
  • Roll Top
  • Select Elite
  • Select Pro
  • Silverton
  • Tailgater 20
  • Texas Elite 34
  • Texas Limited Edition
  • Texas
  • XL

Technical Specs

AMPs 5
Volts 90v~240v



Assembly Instructions For Traeger Digital Elite Thermostat Control Board, BAC236-OEM

NOTE: Before attempting to remove or install the Control for any reason, it is important that the Switch/Dial is in the OFF position and the Power Cord is disconnected from the electrical outlet. Although the Switch/Dial is off, electricity is still present at the Control. Failure to disconnect the Power Cord from the electrical outlet could result in personal injury from electrical shock and/or irreparable damage to the Control.


1) Make sure the Switch/Dial is in the OFF position. Disconnect the Power Cord from the electrical outlet. 2) Review the Digital Control Wiring Diagram to familiarize yourself with the color coding of the wiring connections. Disconnect the wiring from the Smoker Control by separating the 4 Molex Connectors found on the underside of the Pellet hopper. 3) Remove the two screws securing the Smoker Control to the Pellet Hopper. Save these screws as they will be used to mount the Digital Control later. 4) Carefully remove the Smoker Control through the opening in the front of the Pellet Hopper. You may need to adjust the angle of the Smoker Control to allow the circuit board to pass through the opening. Save the Smoker Control in case you should have a problem with your Digital Control. It can be reinstalled until the problem with the Digital Control is resolved. INSTALLING THE RTD: 1) Open the Door and remove the Porcelain Grill and Grease Drain Pan to provide access to the left side of the Grill. 2) Carefully cut the cable tie securing the RTD Wires to the RTD. Remove the Screw and Lock Nut from the RTD mounting bracket if they are attached. 3) Thread the RTD Wires through the center hole of the RTD Grill Filler and then through the small hole in the left end of the Grill. Continue to feed the RTD wires through the Grill until the lower end of the RTD can be inserted into RTD Grill Filler. On new Grills there will be a “Digital Thermostat RTD Mounting Hole” label pointing to the holes in the RTD Grill Filler. Refer to the RTD Installation Diagram for additional information. 4) Mount the RTD to the RTD Grill Filler using the 1/2” long Screw and the Lock Nut as shown in the RTD installation Diagram. Tighten to secure the RTD. 5) Run the RTD Wires down through the space between the end of the Grill and the Pellet Hopper. Then feed the Wires up through the opening for the Control. WIRING AND MOUNTING THE DIGITAL CONTROL: 1) Locate the Green Terminal Block on the back of the Digital Control in the upper right corner. Using a small screwdriver, loosen the two screws to open the clamping jaws enough to insert the RTD Wire ends. 2) Insert a bare wire end on one of the RTD Wires into the clamping jaws on one post of the Terminal Block. Tighten the screw to securely attach the wire. Do not over tighten. Repeat this process on the remaining wire. The RTD Wires may be connected to the Terminal Block in any combination. 3) Along with the RTD Wires, feed the wiring from the Digital Control into the opening in the Pellet Hopper. 4) Carefully insert the Digital Control into the opening in the Pellet Hopper. Again, you may need to adjust the angle of the Digital Control to allow the circuit board to pass through the opening. 5) Using the two screws that mounted the Smoker Control, attach the Digital Control to the Pellet Hopper. Do not over tighten the screws. 6) Connect the Molex Connectors according to the color coding shown on the Digital Control Wiring Diagram. You may have some excess length for the RTD Wires. This additional wiring can be coiled and secured to the Digital Control Wiring with a cable tie or a twist tie. Make sure that none of the wires interfere with the fan blades on the Draft Inducer Fan or the Auger Drive Motor. Replace the Grease Drain Pan and the Porcelain Grill, connect the Power Cord to an appropriate, grounded electrical outlet and you are ready to go.


Some of the later model grills had a smaller cutout originally used for our controls. These are the instruction for replacement for those models. After the original control has been removed by following instructions and the RTD has been installed per instruction above before you can begin. 1) Loosen the two screws on the green terminal block connector located on the back upper right corner of the controller using a small screwdriver. 2) Insert the RTD wire out through the cutout for the control and connect to the green connector located on the back of the new control into the green terminal block and tighten down the screws. 3) Insert the wires for the control into the cutout. Then when inserting the control into the cutout angle the control from the side away from the fuse and insert this side first. You will need to slide the control all the way to the left at an angle until the fuse holder clears the cutout. 4) Insert the two retaining screws into the holes provided on the face plate of the control and tighten with a screw driver. 5) Connect the Molex connectors to the correct components per the wiring diagram and then the grill is ready for use.

INITIAL FIRING INSTRUCTIONS (To be used on initial firing or anytime the Grill runs out of Pellets) In order to ensure proper operation of the Grill, you must first allow the Auger Tube to be “charged” with Pellets.

1) Open the Door and remove the Porcelain Grill, Grease Drain Pan and Heat Baffle from inside the Grill. 2) Make sure the Switch is OFF and the Dial Knob is in the OFF/ SHUT DOWN CYCLE position. Plug the Power Cord into an appropriate, grounded electrical outlet. 3) Open the Pellet Hopper Lid and locate the Auger. Make sure there are no foreign objects in the Auger. Turn the Switch to ON and the Dial Knob to the Smoke setting look into the Pellet Hopper to confirm the Auger is turning. At the same time, place your fingers over the Firepot and feel the air movement from the Draft Inducer Fan. Look to see if the Hot Rod is getting hot. DO NOT TOUCH IT! Turn the Switch to off and the Dial Knob to OFF/SHUT DOWN CYCLE. 4) Fill the Pellet Hopper with TRAEGER BBQ PELLETS. WARNING