Whitfield Control Board for Advantage Stoves 12055902

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Whitfield Advantage Control Board Part 12055902

Replacement control board for Whitfield pellet stoves made prior to 1999 when Lennox acquired the brand. This is an updated version of the original controller that came with older stoves. This board will only work with certain serial numbers and years.

As long as your stove is listed, it is the correct one even if it looks a little different. Replaces old part numbers 12025902, 12155900 and 12155900R.

Whitfield pellet stove models:

Advantage III (WP2)
Advantage II-T (WP2)
Advantage Plus (WP7)

Replacement For Part Number:
  • 12055902

Compatible Models

  • Advantage 2-T
  • Advantage 2-T-C
  • Advantage I
  • Advantage II
  • Advantage Plus FS
  • Advantage Plus Insert


Unfortunately sometimes products do not work like they are supposed to. We offer a 90 day warranty on manufacturer defects. Some manufacturers make this a very simple and easy process unfortunately others do not. Please be advised that warranty claims for these parts may take up to 4 weeks for processing, and customers must cover shipping.

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  • I got a whitfield pellet stove wh-68207 i wan to know if your Whitfield Control Board for Advantage Stoves 12055902 fit on it the manufacture date is septembre 1993. Thank you

    Yes, you are correct. According to tech manuals for Whitfield, Advantage II-T model years: 1990 - 2000 (Serial #18145 - 75864) call for replacement control board 12055902.

  • My auger only runs on high I think my speed control on board is bad? I have a new sugar just put on from my number one retailer parts 4less.com

    Hi there,
    First, is there a thermostat attached to the board?
    If there is, remove the thermostat wire and replace the jumper wire.
    Unplug the stove from power and wait 10 minutes. Since the board has capacitors on it, it will need this time to fully discharge.
    Plug the stove back in and run at normal.
    If the stove functions as it should then the problem may lie in the thermostat or the wiring to and from it.
    Second, if there is no thermostat attached to board check the jumper wire. You'll want to make sure that it is in good condition and not shorting out at any point due to exposed wire.

    After going thru these checkpoints and the issue has not been discovered or resolved then the board is the most likely failed part.

  • We have a Whitfield Advantage 11-T, WP2 Advantage model, pellet stove, that was manufactured in 1990. The serial number is WH-28320. We need a new control board. Would the 12055902 part work for our stove?


  • Hi We have a model # advantage 11-tc ( On 'Sales invoice' - Item # HO366 Whitfield Advantage 2 T ) serial # 127277-- The Board blew out during a Storm, which Board do I need to order to replace? The local Store told me they can't get me a Board with the "Igniter" , only a Board without Igniter . so, which Board do I need?? Thank you

    This is the correct controller for your stove. It will support models with or without auto-ignition, models without an igniter simply have less wiring in the harness but the jack for the controller is still the same. This controller will work in your stove, though it may look different if you had the silver faced controller with one knob and the red selector switch.

  • I have and Advantage II with this control panel. Is there a thermostat available for my stove?

    Any heat only, millivolt compatible thermostat will work. We sell this one.

  • I have Whitfield WP 2 advantage serial number 90191 will this part work with my stove Thanks


  • I have a WP 2 Advantage, WH-40586 manufactured in November of '91. Is control board part #12055902 correct?

    Yes, this is the current control board replacement.

  • I am looking to replace a control panel forWP2 ADVANTAGE with serial WH-30816. It appears that this model board should work from Q1. Is this still correct? Not sure if there have been any changes to it since that post - was hoping these Q/A would have a date/time stamp. Thanks for the help!

    This controller works for all Advantage and Advantage II Stove models

  • Wh-63925. Manufactured June of 1993 Just checking to make sure it’ll work in place of my old board.

    Yes, this will work. If you have an older style silver face controller with the red slider switch, provided that your terminal buss has never been "re-wired" this controller should be plug and play. Your stove does not have automatic ignition, and though this controller supports it, you won't be able to use this feature...but everything else will be the same.

  • I hava a advantage 2T. Is there a upgrade control board that will allow me to run a igniter and thermostat ?

    Unfortunately, they did not make an upgrade kit for this model stove that will allow you to install an ignitor to be able to use a thermostat with.

  • I am pretty sure our Whitfield Advantage II-T needs a new control board. It was purchased in 1990 and we had to replace the control board after 4 or 5 years. The owners manual shows connections for model WP-2 which you indicated the control board is no longer manufactured. The setup sheet for the replacement controller, however indicates it is for serial # 18145 and greater. Where is the S/N of our stove found to verify if the 12055902 will work in our stove. Thanks.

    Your serial number will most likely be on the underside of the hopper lid.

  • I have an Advantage WP-2 wh 11755 dated 1988, will this control panel fit my stove?

    The control board for the Advantage WP2 is no longer being manufactured.

  • My Whitfield insert is an Advantage II-T, WH-105648. The electronic board is solid state. Part # PSC 120A-3605 Cust # 12025902 Time delay - 0016755-A Voltage - 98-144V Code - 07978 Which board do I need to replace it with?

    The control board that you need is 12025902

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