Common Problems with Englander Pellet Stoves

Common Problems with Englander Pellet Stoves

Common Problems with Englander Pellet Stoves

England’s Stove Works has been making pellet stoves since 1990 and is probably the most common pellet stove on the market. The reason is simple, for nearly 10 years, the only pellet stove sold at Home Depot was an Englander, at Lowe’s they were named Summers Heat, and elsewhere were Timber Ridge. All of three of these brands are identical, and are made here is the U.S. by England’s Stove Works. They made a big one and small one, each used double augers to feed the pellets, each simply crafted out of stamped steel. They are simple economy styles stoves that fit the bill and could be had for around $1000 bucks. Here’s what happens to them frequently and how to fix it.

Combustion Blower Makes A Loud “Ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra” Sound

This happens when the exhaust blower motor casing becomes loose. On the outer edge of the casing, there is a bearing. Over time as the motor gets hot the metal casing covering the motor and holding the bearing expands with the heat during operation and becomes “loose” from the motor mounts, which are four crimped areas around the casing. Sometimes you can hammer the crimps tight again using a flat head screwdriver and a hammer. Eventually, you will have to replace the motor altogether.

E1 Code Followed By An E2 Code At Or During Startup

On the top or the back of the combustion blower manifold, there is a hose connected to the pressure switch. This hose is made of low-temperature silicon. Over time, the hose dries out where it connects to the manifold and becomes brittle. Air will leak around the hose and the pressure switches contacts will open and never close causing the error code. This hose is longer than it needs to be and can be cut a few times. Simply cut off about an inch or somewhere up the hose to a point that’s not brittle and reinsert the hose back on the barb. Eventually, the hose will need to be replaced. If this does not solve the problem, make sure your venting is free and clear; verify that the combustion blower is spinning…if both are true, then replace the vacuum switch.

Englander pellet stove controller showing E2 error code

Lower Auger Motor Is Not Turning

If you find that the lower auger motor is not turning, swap the wires from the lower auger to the upper auger and turn the stove on again. If the top motor turns your controller is good. Next, inspect the white plastic around the motor coil of the lower auger motor. If it is yellowish brown, replace the motor. The lower auger motor is a very common problem with these stoves. It usually only lasts 4-6 years or less in some circumstances. Inside the stove, where the pellets come out of the tube, make sure that carbon is not allowed to gather around the bottom edge of the feeder tube, this causes stress on the auger motor and will burn it out prematurely.

 Englander pellet stove auger motor

Pellet Stove Will Not Igniter But The Igniter Is Glowing Orange

There is a gasket behind the burn pot inside the stove that seals the burn pot against the refractory wall. Under the front ash lip beneath the front door are two ½” hex bolts. Tighten each bolt as snug as you can to drive the burn pot backward and compress the gasket. The stove should ignite now. If it doesn’t, replace the gasket. If your burn pot is warped in the back (not flat) double up on the gaskets and tighten the burn pot down.

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STEVEN A KOLLER - February 1, 2019

Bought mine new in 2000. Had to replace a auger motor a couple times ,other than that it works great. Run it 24/7 All winter. We love it.

STEVEN A KOLLER - May 12, 2019

Bought mine new in 2000. Had to replace a auger motor a couple times ,other than that it works great. Run it 24/7 All winter. We love it.

Monica - February 1, 2019

My Englander Stove is only 3 years old and we have had nothing but trouble with it!! I had a guy that works on Englander stoves he last year, but again We’re having trouble. We have replaced upper auger, vacuum switch, convection blower, gaskets, panel board and it still sucks!! We have one in our garage that’s almost 30 years old and still runs perfect. We have only replaced a little fin. This summer we will be putting that one back in our basement. We won’t ever buy one of the new stoves again. Too many electronics on them.

Jeremy - December 13, 2018

I bought an englander pellet stove 3 years ago. Year one was pretty good. Year 2 & 3 it would shut down several time per day. They refused to answer all my emails or return my calls. After replacing several parts, I figured out it was the hopper safety switch. Works good again.

Pam Stewart - December 13, 2018

We bought our 2nd Englander Pellet drive last November. It is a little bigger than our old one and was beautiful until the summer came and it started to rust. I’m am very disappointed. It’s not like I put cups on it. It’s rusted all over the thing. I wonder if anyone else has this problem. We spent $1758 for it and in less than a year it looks terrible. Not pleased.

John - January 9, 2018

Englander pellet insert stove.
Found the workmanship poor at best. Screws sticking through, where I put my hands in the hopper to push pellets down. Had to take hopper cover off, because edges were not finished and sharp enough to cut my hand. Sanded and ground edges to fix that. They wanted $50.00 for hopper lid hinges (they’re plastic). Replaced them with brass hinges and a hook ($5.oo) to hold hopper open when filling. The pellets will not all go down to the auger without help. Will only drop about half the pellets down to the auger, without pushing them down. If the door is opened to clean out the burn pot, ash falls out of the stove, making a mess. It does put out ample heat, but I’d never buy another one, because of the inferior quality.

Clarence Pickerd - January 9, 2018

Thx for the lookikg at a used unit and knowing parts are avaiable

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