Heat N Glo See Through Series Gas Fireplace Repair and Replacement Parts
(Switches & Sensors)

Pellet stoves are all different. Switches and sensors are used to turn circuits on and off or communicate information to the controllers on what’s happening inside the stove. These are very important safety features and should be checked and cleaned regularly.
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    Wall Switch/ Keypad for Many Gas Stoves, HTI-12-007 - Stove Parts 4 Less

    Heat N Glo Gas Stove Wall Switch, HTI-12-007

    SKU: HTI-12-007

    Wall Switch/Keypad compatible with many Heat N Glo gas stoves such as: 6100PLUS & 6100PLUS-LP CERONA-36 CERONA-42 CRESCENT II ESCAPE-36DV ESC...

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