Heat N Glo Slimline Series Gas Fireplace Repair and Replacement Parts
(Pilot Assemblies)

Pilot assemblies contain both a pilot light and a thermocouple, which work in conjunction to ignite your gas stove or fireplace, and to also automatically shut off the gas in case the pilot light goes out. A broken or malfunctioning pilot assembly can prevent your gas stove or fireplace from working, and can also pose a safety hazard! Stove Parts for Less has replacement pilot assemblies for a variety of gas stove or fireplace, log sets, and more.
  • $129.99
    Heat N Glo Pilot Assy LP W/Tube, 446-511A - Stove Parts 4 Less

    Heat N Glo Pilot Assembly (LP), 446-511A

    SKU: 446-511A

    Pilot Assembly 24" long Comes with Thermopile, Thermocouple, sparker electrode, and pilot tubing (PROPANE) Heat N Glo Models: 25122 / 25730

  • $59.99
    HTT IPI Pilot Assembly for Natural Gas Stoves, SRV2090-012 - Stove Parts 4 Less

    HHT IPI Pilot Assembly (NG), SRV2090-012

    SKU: SRV2090-012

    This is an IPI pilot assembly, it doesn't work with DSI, HSI or standing pilot units. This part has a 23-inch long pilot burner supply tube and 24-...

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  • $79.99
    Natural Gas Pilot IPI, 4021-422 - Stove Parts 4 Less

    Heat N Glo IPI Pilot Assembly (NG), 4021-422

    SKU: 4021-422-1

    Replacement natural gas (NG) IPI pilot assembly for select Heat N Glo gas stoves and fireplaces. This is an IPI pilot assembly, does not work with ...

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  • $129.99
    Heat N Glo NG Pilot Assembly, 446-510A - Stove Parts 4 Less

    Heat N Glo Pilot Assembly (NG), 446-510A

    SKU: 446-510A

    Replacement pilot assembly with tube fits multiple heat n glo fireplaces . Check your manual for part number