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Vista Flame VF100 FS Pellet Stove Repair and Replacement Parts Vista Flame VF100 FS Pellet Stove Repair and Replacement Parts

Gaskets are used on pellet stoves to create an air-tight seal between parts or materials that flex at different and unequal rates during the heating and cooling process. For example; steel absorbs heat very quickly and it will expand as it gets hotter; glass absorbs heat slowly and does not expand very much. Gaskets are used between these materials to create a seal between your door and door glass. Gaskets on your pellet stove should be replaced every couple of years to every year, but it really depends on how much you use your pellet stove.

Replacement Parts for Vista Flame VF100FS Pellet Stove

The Vista Flame VF100 pellet stove and the VF100i pellet insert were made by Sherwood Industries between 2006 and 2015 as an "open territory" brand of pellet stoves and pellet inserts. The entire Vista Flame line is now discontinued.

Essentially, the VF100 series from Vista Flame is the same stove as the Enviro Meridian with the firebox of an Enviro EF3 and a first-generation DHC2000 or the second-generation DHC3000 controller. With the exception of the firebrick panels, all updates to the current line of Enviro Meridian stoves are compatible with the Vista Flame VS100 series.

At Stove Parts for Less, we continue to stock replacement parts for the VF100 series and other Vista Flame pellet stoves. If you need to repair or maintain your pellet stove, browse our selection of OEM replacement parts and high-quality aftermarket replacement parts. We carry igniters, gaskets, blowers, motors, and more.

If you want to ensure a long life for your Vista Flame pellet stove, regular cleaning and maintenance are important. Replacing worn-out gaskets, warped pieces such as burn pots and firebrick and malfunctioning or broken parts will help your pellet stove to continue to operate for years to come.