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Vista Flame VF170B Pellet Stove Repair and Replacement Parts

Vista Flame VF170B Pellet Stove Repair and Replacement Parts

The VF170B by Vista Flame is a high capacity pellet stove with a medium footprint. If you are using your VF170B pellet stove as a primary heating source, it is especially important to properly maintain your stove. At Stove Parts for Less, we carry a wide selection of OEM and after-market replacement parts to keep your pellet stove up and running.

Replacement Parts for Vista Flame VF170B Pellet Stove

With its exceptionally high 70,000 BTU heating capacity and large 120lb hopper, the VF170B is the perfect pellet stove for those looking to use pellet heat for large spaces. While the VF170B has been discontinued by Vista Flame, Stove Parts for Less continues to carry OEM and high-quality after-market replacement parts so that you can keep your pellet stove working for years to come.

Ash build up, worn gaskets, and malfunctioning blowers can all drastically reduce your pellet stove's efficiency, meaning you will spend more on fuel and put more wear and tear on your pellet stove. This is why proper cleanings and regular pellet stove maintenance are so important. In addition to replacement parts like igniters, gaskets, and burn pots, Stove Parts for Less carries ash vacuums and glass cleaner. Whether you are looking to clean, maintain, or repair your pellet stove, Stove Parts for Less has the parts you need.

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