Camp Chef Controller for Woodwind WIFI 20, PG20CT-8

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Replacement Wi-Fi Controller for Camp Chef Woodwind WIFI 20 Pellet Grills.

Replacement For Part Number :
  • PG20CT-8

Compatible Models

    Camp Chef

  • Woodwind WIFI 20


Assembly Instructions For Camp Chef Controller for Woodwind WIFI 20, PG20CT-8

App Quick Start Guide

  1. Download the Camp Chef APP from the Apple APP store or Android Play Store.
  2. Turn the Grill controller on using the main power switch.
  3. Open the Camp Chef APP and follow the setup instructions for connecting the grill to your home 2.4 GHz WiFi network.

Warning - Do NOT leave this appliance unattended while in use. The user must remain in the immediate area of the product and have a clear view of the product at all times during operation.

NOTE - Some functions are only available from the controller. If attempting to start the grill from the APP it will prompt you to confirm starting the grill from the controller. Temperature and Smoke settings can be adjusted from the APP. Shutdown can also be performed from the APP. For more information visit https:/

Controller Switch Explanation

Power Switch

Used to turn the main power onto the pellet grill. "O" is for Off. "-" is On.

Controller Functions

Rotate the dial to scroll through the menus, adjust temperature, or smoke settings. Press the dial to select.


This setting must be used after each use. Select SHUTDOWN from the main menu. The fan will remain on for up to 20 minutes. This setting will burn up any extra pellets in the burner and cool down the grill. Do not turn the main power switch off when the grill is hot.


Select FEED from the main menu. This setting is used to feed pellets to the burner. It will be used the first time you use the grill to fill the auger tube and any time you may inadvertently run the hopper out of pellets.

Set Temp Low Smoke

Select SET TEMP from the main menu. Rotate the dial to LOW SMOKE and press to confirm. This setting is used for smoking foods at an average of 160F. This setting will produce large amounts of smoke.

Set Temp High Smoke

Select SET TEMP from the main menu. Rotate dial to HIGH SMOKE and press to confirm. This setting is used for smoking foods at an average temperature of 220F. This setting will produce large amounts of smoke.

Set Temp 160F to 450F

Select SET TEMP from the main menu. Rotate the dial to the desired temperature and press to confirm.

Set Temp High

Select SET TEMP from the main menu. Rotate dial to HIGH and press to confirm. This setting can be used to achieve temperatures up to 500F depending on ambient temperatures.

Set Smoke

The SET SMOKE setting is available for temperatures from 160F - 350F. Select SET SMOKE from the main menu. Rotate the dial to the desired SMOKE SETTING and press to confirm. The SMOKE SETTING can be adjusted from 1-10. A smoke setting of 1 will produce less smoke and maintain a more even temperature. As the smoke setting is increased more smoke will be produced. Note that as the smoke setting is increased temperature fluctuations will increase.

Bypass Mode

The bypass may be used if there is a power failure, or the grill is accidentally turned off, or anytime you need to restart the grill and it is still hot. The bypass mode should only be used if the grill has been off less than 3-4 minutes. This method is used to bypass the normal startup mode and get the grill cooking again quickly. The burner must still be hot enough to ignite new pellets or this method will not work. BYPASS can be selected during the initial startup of the grill by selecting BYPASS from the STARTUP screen. If the grill fails to ignite using the bypass mode then restart the grill using the normal startup procedures.

Helpful Tips

Once the auger tube has been properly filled you can begin cooking by selecting SET TEMP from the main menu and setting the desired temperature. Upon confirming the set temperature the grill will go into the Startup mode. The control will display START during the startup cycle. After 6 minutes the control panel will change to the temperature display screen.

To use the meat probes insert the wire through the stainless flaps on the side of the firebox. Insert the probes into the food. Plug the connectors into the receptacles on the side of the control panel. If the probes are not installed properly or the probe is bad no temperature will display.

CAUTION Do not use meat probes when grill temperature exceeds 350F. Damage to the probes may occur. Do not allow meat probe wires to lie in the direct heat zones. Direct heat will damage the meat probe wires. Always route the meat probes through ports on the side of the grill. Do not submerge wire in water. Not dishwasher safe.

WARNING Do not over-fire the grill by over feeding pellets into the burner prior the startup. If flame is inadvertently extinguished never restart the grill without first cleaning out the burner. Improper use can cause an uncontrolled fire.


Unfortunately, sometimes products do not work like they are supposed to. We offer a 90 day warranty on manufacturer defects. Some manufacturers make this a very simple and easy process unfortunately others do not. Items must be used in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines to qualify for warranty replacement. Please be advised that warranty claims for these parts may take up to 4 weeks for processing, and customers must cover shipping.

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