Harman Burnpot Weldment For XXV, Advance, Accentra Insert, & P43: 1-10-00675

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Harman Burn Pot Weldment for the Accentra Insert (2003-2012), Advance, P43, P43-C, XXV, XXV-TC. All Harman burnpots require a new gasket when mounting it into the stove, which is sold separately.


NOTE - Accentra Insert was discontinued in 2012 and became the Accentra 52i, and later the Accentra52i-TC, which all use burnpot 1-00-574605

Inside of the burnpot weldment assembly there is an igniter and mounting bracket called a cradle. Because these parts need to be removed when changing the burnpot it's recommended to replace them to get the best performance from the new burnpot weldment. Additionally, there has been a redesign of the cradle. Old cradles in new burnpots may delay ignition times causing the stove to error.

Not shown: Burnpot Gasket, part 1-00-07381

Fig. 1.1 This Burnpot Weldment

Fig. 1.2 Igniter, 3-20-677200

Fig. 1.3 Cradle, 1-00-777907

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  • 1-10-00675

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Assembly Instructions For Harman Burnpot Weldment For XXV, Advance, Accentra Insert, & P43: 1-10-00675

To replace the burnpot:

  1. Unplug your stove
  2. The igniter is inside if the burnpot. From the rear of the stove, find the yellow and light blue colored wires that are coiled up and secured to the wiring harness. cut the zip ties that hold this collection of wire together. when the burn pot is removed, this is the length of wire that will pass through the stove body as the burn pot is pulled out. If the wires are not free to travel, the burnpot will only move about 4 inches.
  3. Locate and remove the 4 1/2" nuts that secure the burnpot to the feeder weldment threaded rods. You may need a universal joint at the end of your socket wrench to make the connection at the top nuts.
  4. Pull the burnpot assembly forward until the yellow and light blue wires are visible, then disconnect the igniter wires. Now the burn pot is free to come out of the stove
  5. Remove the two 5/16" screws that hold the igniter in to the burnpot and then remove the igniter assembly
  6. If you are replacing your igniter, do this now while the burnpot is free from the stove.
  7. Make sure to run the wires for the igniter through the right-side opening at the rear of the burn pot
  8. Replace your burnpot gasket, make sure your yellow and light blue wires are passing through the hole and through the center of the gasket.
  9. Connect your igniter wires and pull the yellow and light blue wires from the back of the stove so that the disconnects pass backward through the opening. Try to take out as much slack in the igniter wires as possible so that they aren't pinch by the burnpot when it is fit into place. Note: for this part of the job, having another person around to pull the wires as you fit the burnpot in stove is key.
  10. Replace your new burn pot over the threaded rods and tighten down all 4 1/2" hex nuts. You will feel the new gasket compress as you tighten the burnpot down, this is normal. DO NOT PINCH THE IGNITER WIRES WHEN DOING THIS PART
  11. Replace the clean out cover and secure your wires in the rear of the stove.


The burnpot is a central part of the Harman Pro Pellet Feed System. Generally, the burn pot weldment doesn't need to be replaced and should last the life of your stove.

Many folks will replace the burnpot if their stove is having problems igniting. In general, slow or missed ignitions are a problem to do with an air leak within the stove and not the burnpot itself. Obviously, if your burn pot has a big hole worn in it or there is a bubble on the burn surface where the metal has changed shape, those are examples that would require a new burnpot.

If you are having delayed ignitions and can verify that they igniter is getting hot;

  1. Tighten the four 1/2" nuts that secure the burnpot.
  2. Replace your door gasket and the ash pan gasket if you have separate doors
  3. 3. Look at your door handle to make sure the components of the handle and the catch on the stove are in working order
  4. Make sure the hopper lid is making a tight seal.


Unfortunately, sometimes products do not work like they are supposed to. We offer a 90 day warranty on manufacturer defects. Some manufacturers make this a very simple and easy process unfortunately others do not. Items must be used in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines to qualify for warranty replacement. Please be advised that warranty claims for these parts may take up to 4 weeks for processing, and customers must cover shipping.

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